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Mardi Gras in Mobile

Well, it’s that time of the year again, Mardi Gras in Mobile.  I would like to be the first to inform you that Mardi Gras actually began in Mobile.  Joe Cain was the first to celebrate by walking in the streets of downtown Mobile, dressed up and having a grand ole time.  New Orleans adapted this celebration years later and has become known as the home of Mardi Gras.  Go ahead, google it and check it out!   I grew up in Mobile so I have many fond memories of spending days downtown watching the beautiful floats, marching bands and people grappling for a moonpie. If you have never experienced it, you must come to our fair city to join in the festivities.

Tonight, my man and I will be attending the Krew of Columbus Mardi Gras ball.  I will wear my fancy lavender dress with silver beaded designs, high heels , and hair all done. My man will have his tuxedo on looking debonaire as usual.  We will walk the streets of Mobile as if we are royalty. ( In a way we are…..only the elite can attend the ball…..) or maybe just pay 75 dollars a ticket.  we will see the parade roll by, enter into the Mobile Civic Center ballroom, watch the festivities until they proclaim the partying shall began……Then….well, I can’t tell you, it’s all part of the mystic society secret…I may have to kill you if the information was leaked.   I can tell you this…..there will be much consumption of food and hmmmm well more food if you get my drift.

there is something lovely about getting all glitzed up and gaudy, wearing a beautiful dress and dancing the night away.  I love my jeans don’t get me wrong and I can get dirty with the best of them.  But,  every once in a while, it just feels nice to be a girl and pile on the makeup.    Tomorrows woes can wait for tomorrow, its time to get dressed now,  ta ta everyone!!!!


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