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Depth perception

It is my understanding that we visualize everything through three dimensional layers. Our eyes are such a complicated organ in our bodies, they act as our windows of the world. Its one of our most important senses that assists us in day to day life. Just imagine life with no sight, everything is dark, no colors, shapes, illuminations or direction. Can you just imagine how your life would be different? When our bodies lose one of their major senses, you gain sensitivity in other areas to compensate for the loss.

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I have a dear friend that had perfect 20 20 vision for twenty five years, a tragic accident left him totally blind within seconds. The world as he knew it was gone, slowly he adapted and learned to function on a different level. His sensory methods changed to accomodate his fate. I also have aquaintances that had perfect vision for most of their lives then lost sight in only one eye at some point. Can you imagine the difficulty of relearning how to percieve distances. Some say that when you lose sight in one eye you have to understand a new concept of not being able to see on your blind side at all. It is a major adjustment to say the least.

My fate in life left me with sight in only one eye and near sighted in the other. I was born with this fate so I never had to “adjust” to a different way of seeing. Depth perception has always been a problem for me. For example, someone may hand me something, I reach out to get it and totally miss it. I can’t judge distances. I have trouble with stairs, especially going down, I’ve learned to feel it with my foot first to know where it is. I can’t see a thing when I walk into a dark room, it takes time for my eye to adjust to the different light. I may seem clumsy to others and I’ve learned to just laugh it off and make a joke of it. People with monocular vision do not see in 3-D so theres no point in going to those 3-D movies. My body has adjusted, I’ve never seen this world with two eyes, I can’t imagine the wonder of it. But, I can see things that most people with two good eyes can’t…… I have the gratitude that comes with appreciating being able to see at all, however low functioning it may be.


This world is a beautiful place, colors are wonderful. Blue sky, green grass, yellow flowers, rainbows, the ocean etc etc. I love to see people’s faces light up with a genuine smile, an old couple holding hands, the wonderment of a babys expression as they discover something new. Reading is such a joy with the words coming to life in your mind page by page.

Because of my low vision, I may have to get up closer to see something or take extra precautions to prevent myself from falling or running into a wall (and I have accomplished that many times) but the enjoyment is still the same. My one eye has served me well over the years, faults and all.

It helps to have a sense of humor. I have to laugh at myself sometimes when I put a drinking glass on a table when the table is further than I think, the glass crashes and breaks sending glass and liquid everywhere. Another example would be walking along and it looks as if there is a step down when it isn’t, the result is a very jerky body movement……explain that to your friends! The list goes on and on.

Whether or not you see perfectly or imperfectly, beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Take a look around you right now, what do you see? objects, shapes, colors……ahhhhh the wonder of it all.


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