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Liquid Sunshine

Here in the deep south, February is usually our coldest month.   It’s a very bleak time of year with overcast skies ninety percent of the time, cold rain and high humidity.  It is a sticky sort of cold, the kind that chills you to the bone.

On this particular afternoon in Alabama, the temperature was a mild sixty degrees but it had been raining and overcast for weeks it seemed.  Oh how I long for the beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine that we enjoy so much during most of the year.   

We have been holed up in Jack’s apartment all weekend because of the dreary weather.  Spending our time watching movies, playing on the computer, resting and spending quality time together.  I met Jack nearly nine months ago and I hate to call him my “boyfriend”.    At my age that word just seems inappropriate, so I usually just refer to him as “my man”.    He seems to like that better also.

The rain seemed to be lighter now so Jack suggested we take a walk around the block.  It sounded like a good idea to me, getting  some fresh air might make my mood a bit better.    As we walked down the two flights of stairs  from Jack’s attic apartment which sits over the centuries old southern style home in Midtown Mobile.   We began walking down the quaint neighborhood lined with giant oak trees with its limbs and moss hanging over the streets as if to make a tunnel. 

As we walked I saw the wet sidewalks and the pavement glistening with wetness while the lights from the lamp posts reflected through.  The rain was drizzling just enough to make my skin damp.  I noticed the neighbors were also out walking their dogs and taking advantage of the rain slacking up a bit.  Everyone politely speaking to one another or a simple wave of the hand.    ” What a great place” I thought to myself, the old southern charm of this area is not lost to the plain modern-day structures that we see too often now a days. 

Jack reached out to hold my hand as we walked in silence.   No words are needed  as we walked along dodging mud puddles and feeling the rain on our faces.  This is truly living in the moment, appreciating and drinking in the colors  illuminated by the rain.  So much beauty to behold…..even in the rainiest, dreariest month of the year.  

I so appreciate my life right now, this moment, my man, my place in my life…..seeing things through a “blind eyes view”.   It is truly a liquid sunshiny moment.  




2 comments on “Liquid Sunshine

  1. sherrylcook
    March 1, 2012

    Thank you! It was a simple yet very memorable moment!

  2. Cauldrons and Cupcakes
    February 29, 2012

    I was right there in Alabama with you, reading this. So happy for your own happiness. It is richly deserved. Love the picture too, and the chunky blocks of colour creating that real sense of rain.

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