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Have you ever met anyone that just really irritated you? Someone that just gets to your very inner fiber of your being and just makes you want to scream out and say “stop it”!!! Sooner or later you will meet some of these people. You may have some in your family, they could be co workers, or even friends! They say obnoxious things, embarrass you, make you angry and are usually mean while they do it. Or, they could be so selfish that they can’t see past their own nose to realize that there are others in this world besides themselves.

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I am usually one that has a lot of patience, I am kind and courteous 99% of the time. At work, I always act professional and I try to always calm a tense situation down. It seems as though these obnoxious people usually get away with everything, They get what they are demanding while the quiet, soft spoken person gets looked over. They rule the conversation without even considering you may have something important to say. They are arrogant and scarcastic with the tone of their voices.

I try to imagine what their lives must be like, are they happy people? Do they really think they deserve more than the average person? Maybe it was their background while growing up or they are very resentful for many different reasons. All I do know for sure is there are moments when these people get on my very last nerve. Who put them in charge? who made them the king or queen of this land? We must get along with one another in this world. Can’t they see that putting others down, offending or being sarcastic hurts others?

I live my life trying to uplift others and show them by example that being nice and courteous will bring peace and balance to any situation. I believe that when you are truly happy within, that happiness will shine through. I shake my head in wonderment on peoples behaviors sometimes. I am a true believer that what goes around, comes around. Sooner or later the universe balances itself out.

So my dear readers…..continue on being that beautiful self that you are, inside and outside. Continue to touch others with your words, expressions, gestures and expressions. Scatter joy around you throughout your daily walk and it will affect those around you.

Thank you for letting me vent….I feel better now….. : )


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