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Change is Coming!

When we are young, we don’t think too much about our futures. We live in the moment, guided by our family.  We are content living day by day.

As we grow older, we slowly begin considering what we would like our futures to be like.  I had aspirations to become a singer, dancer and actress.  I knew this would  be impossible because to be a movie star, you had to be beautiful.

I was born with a birth defect on my eye, I knew I would be very limited on my choice of careers, but  I could always dream!

In high school, I tried out for the cheerleading squad because I wanted to dance and perform, it was in my blood!    I was not very popular in high school,  everyone remembered me as the “sweet little cheerleader”.

After graduation I became a hairstylist.  I enjoyed learning about make up and hairstyles, I was pretty good at it too!  I found it difficult to find a job and build a clientel.  You would be surprised how people judge you by your appearance.

My life changed again by getting married and having a family.  I opened a dance studio and taught clogging for seventeen years. It was a thriving business and we performed all over the Southeast delighting audiences everywhere.  We even danced on the Grand Ole Opry.   So, I actually did become a dancer!

At the age of forty there was another  change in my life called a divorce. After being married for twenty-one years it was quite a transition to be single again with two teenage daughters.  The next ten years ended up being a difficult but growing period in my life.

Currently, I am fifty-one years old. My daughters are grown and experiencing their own changes.

I’ve had surgeries to correct my birth defect and I no longer feel embarrassed when around others.  I have a friend that is in the final stages of cancer, my oldest daughter will be moving four hours away soon, my parents are aging and my job that was once challenging for me has become monotonous. 

The older I get, the faster the changes are happening. I feel like just grabbing the clock of life and putting it on pause for a while.

Fun article explains the Butterfly Life Cycle, has LOTS of life cycle images and a coloring page too!

Change can be a choice that we make or something we have no control over. One thing is for certain, change WILL happen.  Be ready for it, relish in the time frame you are in now because right around the corner is another change getting ready to happen.

 It’s the circle of life always rotating.  I look in my grandchildren’s eyes and pray that their lives are balanced and they see their dreams come alive.  if their lives are not exactly like they’ve dreamed it would be, I pray that they have the capability  to  handle what life throws at them.

What phase of life are you in right now?

If you are in a valley and you are not happy, use this time to develop any goals, desires or skills you have.  Be patient, the time for change is coming.

If you are on the mountaintop with pleasant abundance, don’t forget to be grateful and enjoy every second, for change is coming.

Always grow and move forward…..don’t become stuck in a rut wasting valuable time, change is coming!   

Whenever I think of change it reminds me of a song by Jimmy Buffett, the chorus reads as follows,

These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes
Nothing remains quite the same
Through all of the islands and all of the highlands
If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane


8 comments on “Change is Coming!

  1. thepostic
    March 13, 2012

    I enjoy the changes in life. I don’t mean that in a “I like living a fast-paced life” sort of way. Rather, I simply like watching life MOVE. I cherish every moment I can and soak up all the memories as they pass, but with change comes newness. The “old” isn’t bad, and the “new” isn’t always better; change isn’t always better. But “new” is NEW. It is fresh, it is exciting, and it brings with it the opportunity to experience new life. Change is that one constant. As you say, it’s “always rotating.” I’m glad that you shared this!

    • sherrylcook
      March 13, 2012

      @ thepostic, you are right, change is new and exciting and its not always better. The older I get, the faster it seems to be evolving. I’m beginning to feel as though its going so fast that I’m missing parts of it. Gotta take time to stop and smell the roses!
      thanks for commenting……

  2. Cauldrons and Cupcakes
    March 12, 2012

    What a wise and wonderful post. I guess change is the only constant in our lives, and gee life feels like it moves so fast sometimes.

    And I love the Jimmy Buffet quote at the end! xx

    PS Am going to google clogging now!!!

    • sherrylcook
      March 12, 2012

      Thank you, sometimes I think I’ve had enough change, just stay frozen in time some, but then again… long as the change is good!!!!
      Clogging… it on utube….its fabulous!

      • Cauldrons and Cupcakes
        March 12, 2012

        I just did. Wow!!!!

      • sherrylcook
        March 12, 2012

        I love sharing to the world what clogging is! and why my knees hurt all the time…. : )

  3. kas1017
    March 12, 2012

    I agree. I would like to hit the pause button on time and let it slow down a little. I love watching my three children grow and I wish time would slow down in order to take it all in a llittle easier. Change is a good thing; sometimes it just doesn’t need to happen all at once or too fast. 🙂
    Jimmy Buffett did say it best! not sure what I’d do without laughter.
    Great post.

    • sherrylcook
      March 12, 2012

      yes Kas, I wish sometimes I could go back in time and raise my daughters all over again. looking back it all happened so quickly, now they have children of their own. but its a new beginning….(and I sure love spoiling my grandchildren!) Thanks for the comment and enjoy every second.
      hugs to you!

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