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Say “Yes” to the dress……Please?????

Last weekend I went with my daughter to find the perfect wedding dress.   Now, I know what most of you are thinking……Awww, Isn’t that lovely, Mother and daughter shopping for a wedding dress together.  Well….let me give you a brief history before I go on….

My daughter Shanna is twenty-nine and has already been married once before. She had a beautiful (expensive) wedding already.  So….it’s not as if we have not done this.  Although we have erased most of the memory from our  minds considering the person she married.  This time she will be getting married on the beach in a semi informal setting.  She is looking for a simple white or off white long dress, that will flow a little in the wind.   Sounds simple right?


I knew this was going to be a challenge because Shanna is just like her Mother in many ways (me). She is very analytical and its very hard for her to make a decision.  We are always second guessing ourselves and need to weigh all the possibilities.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and we meet at the designated Bridal shop.  We walk inside only to find out we should have made an appointment.  The lady at the desk was very rude and snobby, acting as though we were little heathens for not making an appointment first.  We promptly marched right out of there as fast as we went in.    The next shop we visited had a multitude of dresses  to choose from and the staff were very friendly and helpful. 

Shanna tried on dress, after dress, after dress….. It’s either…. the skirts stands out too much, the top is too low-cut, it’s to formal, its not formal enough, it looks bad, and on and on.    We left an hour later already exhausted.

The next stop was the local Mall which has several department stores.  I thought to myself “Surely we will find something here”  after all, it’s almost prom season and they will have plenty of formals to choose from.  


Any idea how hard it is to find a white formal in a department store?   We walked through the entire Mall before finding “one” dress that was slightly off white to try.   She slipped on the dress and it fit PERFECTLY.  Shanna said ” I think I really like this one”.   It looked good to me also.   “Jackpot”  I thought….As we continued studying the dress up and down looking at every inch.  We discovered that there was a golden sheen to it.  We looked even closer to discover there was indeed gold thread in spots all over the dress, however vague, it was there.  

Now we all know that weddings these days can be  whatever you want, you don’t have to be traditional and you can really wear whatever you want.  But Shanna is the sort of person that is slightly traditional and never does anything to out of the ordinary.

Upon a complete study of  “the dress”, to our dismay we discovered that the spots were actually a leopard print!    Oh my!  Does a bride getting married on the beach wear “Leopard print”?

We made an emergency 911 call to her sister Haley (My carefree, spirited daughter) and told her to come to the store immediately. We need advice!  As Shanna stood in the department store dressing room, we had the cashiers, customers and even teenagers weighing the consequences.  Even her sister couldn’t decide…..

The dress looked good on her

it had that “flow” we were looking for.

it had a good price.  (I especially liked that)

maybe the gold would shimmer “just right” out on the beach.

Does a bride wear leopard print?   however vague ? (you really have to look to see it)

What would the grooms family think of it?

Tired, hungry, feet hurting, daughter looking perplexed and much analytical weighing of the pros and cons, we bought the dress.  We have thirty days to return it. 

So the next thirty days will be a month of heavy deep thought and more dress shopping. (We have made an appointment for friday at the first shop we went to)  My poor daughter will have to make the decision by then.

My dear readers, stay tuned for Part two of this saga:   “Say Yes to the dress….Please????

below is a link to Part two of this lovely tale…..

Part two: Say yes to the dress…..Please?????



2 comments on “Say “Yes” to the dress……Please?????

  1. ariella42
    March 14, 2012

    I recently went through the whole wedding dress shopping experience. I hate a pretty awful time at David’s Bridal, found a dress I loved at another store but couldn’t afford, were turned away from one boutique by a very rude clerk (my fiance commented that she wasn’t nearly pretty enough to have that kind of attitude), looked at some consignment shops, and finally found one at a prom outlet. You can see the dress here I love my dress and I really loved the price!

    I think that it’s becoming very common for wedding dresses to have splashes of other colors. I don’t think a leopard print would be the best pattern for a wedding dress, but if it took you that long to even realize it had it, maybe no one else will notice it. I think you should take the dress out into bright sunlight one afternoon and see how will look on the beach. If all you see is the gold leopard print, then maybe she should keep looking.

    • sherrylcook
      March 14, 2012

      Thank you for the comment….it’s funny you mentioned Davids bridal because they are the one that was so rude to us, but we do have an appt. for friday evening. we did take the dress out in the sunlight and at first glance you cannot tell it is a leopard print, but if you look hard enough you ‘can’ see it. hopefully she will find a subsitute dress that is even prettier and there will be no more worries…..geez will september ever get here!!!
      Thank you for your advice…..we are listening!

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