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Part two: Say yes to the dress…..Please?????

This is the conclusion to Say “Yes” to the dress……Please?????   

All good posts must have a good ending…..or does it?  If you read the first post you will understand what I mean.   We begin this segment by arriving at David’s bridal for our appointment on time.   On this visit, unlike the first visit, the staff was very friendly and courteous. 

We explained that Shanna was looking for a simple dress without any flare in the skirt.  She is having a beach wedding in September.  The sales lady pulled at least ten dresses for her to try on.   I settled back in the most comfortable chair I could find knowing I would probably be there awhile.  It was a friday evening and it had been a long week. 

Within ten minutes my daughter came out in dress # 1, a beautiful long flowy (Is that even a word?) simple dress.  It was beautiful.  Of course, me being the mother of the bride I went straight for the price tag…..499.00.   Now keep in mind that we are trying to have a beautiful simple wedding while on a limited budget.   “wow” I thought to myself.  But being the good mom that I am, I just kept my mouth closed, I didn’t say a word.

Dress # 2 was even prettier than dress # 1.  We were definitely on a roll,  This was going to be the place we would definitely say “Yes to the dress”.   I took pictures of each dress because sometimes you can see things in pictures that you can’t see in real life.   I could feel my daughters excitement as she tried on dress after dress.  So many to choose from!

Feeling my daughters excitement I was no longer in the comfortable chair. I was looking closely at each dress, straightening the train or looking for any little flaw etc.   I could tell that Shanna was getting confused because so many of the dresses looked good on her.   Around dress # 4 or 5, She walked out in the perfect beach wedding dress, it had a goddess look to it, it fit perfectly and when I saw the price tag, it looked even better….199.00! 

Even though that dress seemed perfect,  Shanna decided to continue on with the rest of the dresses.   I settled myself back into the comfortable chair thinking no other dress would compare (especially the price) to the last one. 

Moments later Shanna came out in the next dress and when she came around the corner I saw a total package of perfection.  I envisioned her walking on the beach in this dress looking absolutely radiant. It is a strapless  cream-colored satin, small train in the back with a beige ribbon around the waist.  It looked  so classy and beautiful.        In my mind, this was the dress! 

The rest of our time at the bridal shop was just a blur…..Shanna continued to try on the last two dresses again to be sure of her decision but actually the decision was already made.  She even got to ring a bell for  selecting a dress which was heard all over the store!   The price was more than we had planned on paying but all things work out for the best. Shanna had received a bonus at her job and that would take care of the extra cost.  

The following day my daughter took the “other”  dress that we purchased (the leopard print fiasco) back to the department store. 

Our minds are at ease now… more indecisiveness.   My daughter is confident in her decision.   So, the answer to the question is…..

                                YES!  To the dress!



3 comments on “Part two: Say yes to the dress…..Please?????

  1. kascjakwarriors
    March 19, 2012

    Its absolutely beautiful! As a bride-to-be in the middle of the planning process I COMPLETELY understand the search for ‘the dress’! I am glad she was able to find the perfect dress for her 🙂

    • sherrylcook
      March 19, 2012

      Thank you! We believe it is also…..our minds are at ease and we can now get on to other trivial plans for the upcoming wedding!!! I’m enjoying your posts and may be borrowing a few ideas!

      • kascjakwarriors
        March 19, 2012

        Borrow away! That’s why its all there 🙂

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