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Why I have a Blog

I’ve been asked the question lately from my friends and family (the ones that know I’ve started one)) Why did you start a blog?

I had to stop and think about it for awhile….why did I do this? Just a short time ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was. The word sounds so…..well, bloggish. You see, I grew up in the generation where there were no cell phones, smartphones, computers or words like software, tweets, Facebook, download and so forth. Now I have a whole new list of terms to learn such as dashboard, pingback, shortlink, widgets and well, you get the idea.

I’ve had to learn (however slowly) all the technology that my brain can comprehend. So….when I was informed that a blog is where you can write about anything, create what you want, it got my attention.

The answer to the question is simply this: I have this blog for myself, to reflect on my opinions, concepts, choices and desires. My writing habits may be irritating to some (especially sentence structure) and I know I could could use some help in this area.

I write with simplicity and straight from my heart.

After writing my memoirs, I realized that my life doesn’t end at age fifty-one. Actually….my story is just beginning, the second act anyway. Last year at the age of fifty, my life changed drastically.

Read – http: My Story begins here……. for more information. ( I promise you, its interesting). Now….I’m into my next book. What better way to chronicle the happenings of my life than a blog?

It’s not a journal but rather the way I “see” things. Through my past experiences I hope to shed some insight for others to learn , grow and find an appreciation in their own lives.

  Lastly, I write for my daughters and Grandchildren. Maybe one day they will read my thoughts and retrieve some wisdom that I can share. I love them more than I can express into words and I want them to have the best possible insight for a beautiful life.

So…if you stumble across my blog and my words seem to speak to you, I welcome you to subscribe, comment, like or just to read. My words will share thoughts from my past, my current (good and bad) times and those…oh, so humbling experiences.

I hope you laugh and cry with me through this journey that we call Life.


One comment on “Why I have a Blog

  1. Posky
    March 22, 2012

    You know I often wish I had more of my grandparents thoughts from the past. I bet your kids kids might actually really appreciate this.

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