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We all have our days!

Suddenly I hear crickets…..soft chirping,  then I realize it’s just my alarm.   It is 5:30.a.m. and its time to get out of bed.   I roll over and slide the bar on the phone for “snooze”.  

Seems like only minutes later I hear these deep bells ringing, ding dong…… Sounds like church bells ringing…..oh, ok, its just my second alarm to warn me its REALLY time to get up!   Another beautiful day in the neighborhood!   oh, yeah,  thats a kids television program.   

 As I begin to get dressed for work I go through the routine  for the zillionth time.    I keep saying to myself  ” I can’t wait until I can retire and fill my days with creative and rewarding projects”.    

It’s been a stressful week to say the least…..But I am proud to say that I have dealt with the weeks trials with grace and peace.   I think to myself  “I will continue to be a role model for others and spread good feelings all over the place, I can do this!”    Today?   nah…..  Who am I kidding, that’s not going to happen,    Believe me….we all have our days.

After working for eight hours dealing with gossipy staff members at my work place.  I leave immediately to babysit my Grand daughter “Addison”.   I meet my daughter at her dance studio and have a quick visit before taking Addie to her house until her mommy comes home.     I gathered everything it takes to travel with a nine month old. (Keep in mind I am fifty one years old and am rusty at this sort of thing).   I load my car (baby and all) and finally get myself in to start the car,    you got it……oh, it started, but it wouldn’t go forward.   Everytime I let off the gas it would die.   Over and over it went dead, out in the street…..other cars going around me, (I really hate that).  , when I pulled into the street, I gunned it hard just like the guy on the street told me to.    ( sounded like a good suggestion )   Believe it or not, it almost worked.  My car ran a bit better, but was still spitting and sputtering some.   I made the decision to park my car behind the studio. I barely make it back to the studio to park it.     We unload the car  (baby and all) .

(This is when I thought to myself, ok plan B……what next?)      After calling my man friend for some advice,  I decided to call my oldest daughter on the cell, the plan was for Shanna to pick me up, take me  and baby Addie to my friends apartment, get a set of keys to his vehicle which is parked at his job while he is out of town.     We will then go get his car, transfer everything, , (reload the car) and then home.    Poor Addison was hungry and  just wanted to get out of all the cars we were switching in and out of.    so far so good…..Addie and I arrive at my house safe and sound thirty minutes later.  


Once inside, I feed my sweet little grand daughter and we just have a wonderful time playing in baby food and tea!  Shortly after, My daughter arrives at my home to gather little Addie and her belongings.   She was tired and ready to go.   After they left, it was a relief to finally relax some…..whew!  having a baby around is hard work… quickly we forget!   I dearly love my Grandchildren, but I have gotten so used to being without children around.    The house seemed very quiet though and a little empty. 

 Its approximately 8pm and  as I start to do some little chores around the house preparing for the next day, my cell rings.    Its my daughter whom has just arrived at her house with the kiddos.  She flatly says to me ” Please tell me you put my house key in the diaper bag? ”    Oh no, I thought…..I had her house key…….as my mind continued to think, I said “I don’t even have it on me…..its in my car, which is parked behind your studio!”   My daughter is whimpering at this point  ( and all mothers have had that overwhelmed feeling before )    

This story ends well…… My daughter had remembered a window she had opened the night before to listen to the rain fall and little six year old AnnaClaire was able to squeeze in and unlock the door for her mommy and sister.   She saved the day!  

Is there a lesson here?  For me there was…..sometimes no matter what steps you take or how calm and positive you remain……things happen, there are circumstances to overcome.    These are unplanned obstacles that get in the way of whatever is intended.     I believe these things are put in our way, maybe as a test of our coping skills or character.  Whatever the reason, just know… WILL happen.     I love the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.    

Note….. The following evening,  My Man is back in town and offers his assistance in getting the car back home.   Would you believe the darn thing ran PERFECTLY!


3 comments on “We all have our days!

  1. nikky44
    April 5, 2012

    “we all have our days”
    Mine is pretty bad 😦

    • sherrylcook
      April 5, 2012

      sending ((hugs)) to you….

      • nikky44
        April 5, 2012

        very much needed today, thank you

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