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New fangled gadgets!

I’ve always been a bit on the conservative side partly due to my personality and partly because I’ve had to always budget my money and watch my finances to have anything.  I’m not rich in monetary assets and have always worked hard to get anything.  

I was always the last to get anything new technically speaking such as computer, cell phone or gadget that might be the latest craze.  My friends would be all excited showing me their new little gadget that did all kinds of cool stuff while I was happy to have the plainer version of the same thing.

My first “real” computer was a Gateway that was as big as my entire desk.  but it opened up a whole new world of endless information as I’m sure many people of my age experienced.   Until recently, I’ve had the simplest phones, you know the ones…..just dial, voicemail and maybe it sent text messages.   I remember my daughters trying to teach me how to text, I was having to push each button two or three times just to get the right letter, then they set it on predictive text for me  and there were some pretty funny messages sent that made no sense at all.    after some time, I actually got pretty good at it.

Three months ago I got my first iPhone 4s.  I was finally up to date with the newest version of something!   the first few days with this phone was spent getting acquainted with it (or should I say her?)    I must say, I’ve fallen in love…..with Siri.   She is awesome, she makes notes, follows my directions and tells me where I’m at and where to go if I’m looking for something.  I can talk to my grand-daughter on “facetime”  and see her through the screen as if she were right in front of me.   I can check my Facebook and see what everyone is doing on a moments notice. 

But….the one thing I have become addicted to is…….games.   Yes, I admit….what a waste of good quality time.   two games in particular,  words with friends and draw something.    I play with others that have the same app.  and my daughters.   I check my phone constantly to see if  it is my turn yet.   While I am doing routine things during the day, I may suddenly stop in my tracks to “draw” a picture and send it.   Once I was sharing a hotel room with a friend of mine, I happened to wake up at 3:30 am so I checked my phone (just in case I had missed something). I noticed that it was my turn on “draw something” so I proceeded to draw.   It was making a soft clicking sound and unfortunately it awakened my friend in the other bed.   She asked me if everything was ok and who was I texting?   I somberly admitted that I was “drawing” and not texting.    She moaned an unfamiliar word and rolled over…….was I a little obsessed?  Probably.

It breaks up my day, gives me a little time to enjoy something with my friends and daughters without even having to speak to them.  When we do talk, we laugh at the funny things that we have drawn etc.   Its our new technical society, a different way of communicating.  What a long way from the days of no cell phones, computers, navigators etc.   It has its pros and cons but I will continue to play…….Oh, hang on…..It’s my turn, I’ve got to go and draw something….I will post again tomorrow, gotta go play!!!!


4 comments on “New fangled gadgets!

  1. Moonbeam McQueen
    April 11, 2012

    I love these games! Well, I do Scrabble instead of Words with Friends, but still…

    Fruit Ninja. Stay away from Fruit Ninja.

    • sherrylcook
      April 11, 2012

      I thought the scrabble game was words with friends???? hmmmm….

  2. sherrylcook
    April 9, 2012

    I know nikky…..I love reading blogs too!

  3. nikky44
    April 9, 2012

    I was addicted to games too, but now addicted to reading Blogs!

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