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What are we creating?   I am so wound up right now that the only thing I can think of to do is write.   My blog has been a lot of things to me the past three months and now, it is my sounding board.  

I just returned from a meeting I was asked to attend by my supervisor.  I work at a day vocational center that employs adults with intellectual disabilities while training them.  It’s sort of like “on the job” training.  They get paid a minimal wage, learn skills and how to cope in a workplace setting.  These individuals need supports. and supervision.  Very few actually get a job out in the community, most require supervision….behavioral and vocational.  

This meeting involved a girl who has made tremendous progress over the past five years in a day hab. setting.  She is now ready to try to “work”.  Her caregivers and team members all seem to think she is ready to attend our facility to train.  She is excited and wants to start to work tomorrow….but there is a catch.   The mental  health representative informed her mother that because of cuts being made in our government funds,  in three years they want to close all of the “vocational centers” and have everyone working in the community.  They will cut all Medicaid waiver money to everyone who is deemed “able to work”.

Which means that this girl will have to compete with everyone to get a job even though she has a mental disability.  She will have no supports to help her cope or handle day-to-day problems.  No funding for residential care or job training.  So in essence, the more you try to become independent and do the right thing, the deeper you will be digging a hole for yourself.  These people will be unemployed, and sitting at home doing nothing. 

This makes me very angry that our government would cut these  programs while they continue to stuff their pockets and give money to the people who put them in office.  lastly, I and the other staff members at my workplace will most likely be out of a job. 

I’ve had a feeling that eventually this was going to happen. This is the kick in the rear that I needed to begin searching and finding new opportunities.  I will trust my gut feeling and find something.  I am fifty-one years old and I’ve been itching to leave this dead-end behind the desk job for something creative and rewarding. 

Thank you for putting up with my rant… helped…   : )


 You only live  once and now  it’s time to spread my wings…….Wish me luck!!!!! 



3 comments on “Changes

  1. tessf
    April 23, 2012

    This is just so sad, Sheryl. Breaks my heart to think about it. And I sooo agree with you on what you’re saying about the cuts. It’s just shameful. ..especially when you think how we compare with European countries where they have socialized medicine and so forth. I once read a bumper sticker that said “The last time the Republicans cared about you, you were a fetus.” It’s sad that this one issue divdes and conquers us, leaving everyone wanting. 😦 I hope the job thing opens up for you. xo

  2. nikky44
    April 12, 2012

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    • sherrylcook
      April 12, 2012

      can ya tell I’m just a little miffed??? lol

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