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Start your work week off right, easy to follow tips.

After a fully loaded weekend filled with activity and productivity, it’s difficult to shift gears for  seventy percent of  the population that are beginning another week of  routine daily tasks

The legal work week is usually set as; Monday – Friday.  Depending on which country you live in the hours might vary slightly.  for example,  In Austria, the norm is to knock off a half day on friday’s while India usually works a normal of fifty hours per week. 

So when you find yourself  thrown into a Monday morning dash for the door in one piece, how do you change from the weekend party animal into the professional task master that you are?   below are some reminders for us “hard to shift gears” person…..

So, you had a fabulous weekend….now what?

1. first thing’s first, you will need a cup of  coffee.   Maybe for you, it is tea, soda, milk etc.   get your  favorite morning beverage and enjoy as you are slowing moving your body through the motions of  starting your day.

2.  After such a great weekend, I’m sure you may look around and find you didn’t have the time to organize, so you may have difficulty finding the items you need for the coming day.  Stumble through as best you can and hopefully you can gather enough to get you by.   If you are the OCD type of personality, then you already had everything organized last night, ready to go.

3. Hopefully you got a good night of rest the night before, but if your weekend was REALLY that good you probably didn’t.   So if you are still feeling the after effects of a wild weekend then just double up on # 1.

4. Eat nutritiously to begin your morning because on great weekends we usually tend to destroy our bodies with sweets, fats and who knows what kind of beverages.  


5. Take a hot shower to wake up every cell  and muscle that may still be in a sleepful coma. 

6.  On your commute to the office or job, read your favorite book, or listen to your favorite radio station on your way in.  This morning I turned on the radio and heard my theme song, “Unwritten” by Natashia Bedingfield.  I turned up the volume to an obnoxious level and just sang my heart out, not even caring what the poor guy in the car next to me was thinking.


7.  Over the course of the day make sure you laugh, it will lighten your spirits and pass on positive vibes to others.

8. Pace yourself and make a conscious effort to not get stressed out over the different faster pace of the week.

9.  Unclutter  your car, office or work space to help you feel more relaxed and organized.

10.  Make mental notes of  things to look forward to for the next weekend.  Dive into the week slowly.


Try not to spend too much time wishing it were the weekend already, it will be here soon enough.  Live each day…..making it the best it can be.

I leave you with the song I played wide open this morning to begin my day, begin my  work week and begin  the rest of my life!   turn it up while you listen!   





One comment on “Start your work week off right, easy to follow tips.

  1. nikky44
    April 17, 2012

    Great advice!

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