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The pink rock

This is a story that I made up as I was telling it. My Grand daughter was about four years old at the time and she loved to hear me tell stories before she fell asleep. I had already told her several and she wanted more. Not sure if she really wanted to hear the story or if she was just buying more time to stay awake, whatever the case, this is the story I came up with.


The Pink rock.

Once upon a time there was this sweet little girl who was walking down the trail on her way home from school. As she was walking she looked down and noticed a beautiful pink rock. It was shiny and just had a special look to it. The little girl bent down and picked up the rock to have a closer look at it since she’s never seen a pink rock before.

As she was looking at the rock while she continued to walk, the little girl noticed someone was coming towards her. It was the mean girl at school that always bullied all the other children. The mean girl demanded that the sweet girl give her the pink rock. sadly the sweet little girl gave the rock to the mean girl. As the mean girl ran away laughing, the sweet girl sat down on the grass and started to cry. She loved that rock and she was upset that the mean girl took it away.

As she sat there crying, she heard a voice behind her saying “its ok, don’t cry little girl, everything is going to be ok.” As the little girl looked up to see who was talking to her she recognized who he was by the pictures she had seen. It was Jesus. Jesus told the little girl to hold out her hand. As the little girl slowly held her hands out, he said to her ” Don’t be sad, always count on me when things are bad and I will be here to help you.” Jesus put something in her hand and told her goodbye as he walked away. As the little girl waved goodbye she looked down at her hand and there inside was the most beautiful glittery pink rock she had ever seen! It was much more beautiful than the other one.

Everytime the sweet little girl looked at her pink rock that she put on her dresser she will always remember that whenever she is sad she knows that Jesus loves her and will always be there to take care of her.

The end.


Now of course as soon as I finished the story, my grand-daughter wanted to hear it over and over AND she wanted to find a pink rock! I thought to myself “Oh my, what have I done?” So me being the Nana that I am, I found a rock, cleaned it, painted it pink and glued glitter all over it. I then very mischievously placed that pink rock where I knew she would be walking. To see her little eyes light up when she found it was priceless!!!! I love being a Nana!


4 comments on “The pink rock

  1. josephrathjen
    May 23, 2013

    Nanas are very special people. My grandmother’s name was Rose, and she truly was one. Whenever my little, short life became hard, I would run across the apartment house hall to her apartment looking for sympathy, praise, love and affection – and I always got it. Although she’s been dead thirty-six years now, I still remember the sound of her soothing voice, her gentle touch and her reassurances that everything would be alright.

    Keep talking to your grandchildren, Sherry, keep the sound of your voice alive in their memories forever. I do it with mine.

    Nice story!

    • sherrylcook
      May 23, 2013

      awwww, thank you for that! I never dreamed how much I would adore my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your sweet memories.

  2. nikky44
    April 21, 2012

    or… just buying more time with YOU 🙂 why avoid this option which I know is the right answer!!
    I LOVED the story!!! Would you please tell it again?????

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    April 20, 2012

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