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      Life is a series of lessons to be learned.  Each individual has their own specific life lessons to be educated on.  Our characters are built on the compilation of the DNA you are born with and the social environment in which you are raised and live in. 

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     The people and circumstances that you experience during your life are brought to you by a higher force.  You can call it God, Universal Spirit, healing light or whatever you believe in. Each lesson is completely laid out for you during your lifetime in advance.  

    The more lessons we learn from and overcome, the closer we get to experience love, peace and balance.  We may not always understand why we have to go through such perilous challenges, but after our time on this earth is done, we will understand it all and be forever in awe at the complexity of it all. 

     If we fail to learn from these important lessons we invite unwanted and unplanned strife into our lives.  We are in charge of our own destinies.  Some of us learn our lessons quickly while others may take a lifetime.  Choices that we make determine our results. 

    Make your choices carefully, learn how to trust yourself, and if you make a wrong turn be forgiving of yourself and forge ahead with newer ideas that just “feel good”.

    Get excited about life!  each day is a new opportunity to discover what is waiting for you! 


3 comments on “Choices

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  3. nikky44
    April 21, 2012

    when I accepted the lessons life has offered me, I started to understand everything and get answers to all my questions

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