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Teetering on the edge

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Have you ever felt like you were on the edge of something big? Something world-changing in your life and you are teetering on the threshold wondering which way to go?

In one direction is your dream, something you want with all your heart and never thought you would get, but, it’s a chance or prospect. In the opposite direction is where your reality knows that if you stay where you are now, it would be safe and secure but boring and maybe you would be settling for less.

At some point in all of our lives we are faced with these type of choices to make. We weigh the odds and attempt to make the wisest decision.

When we are younger we subconsciously think we will live forever and even if we make the wrong choice there is still plenty of time to re-invent ourselves or start over.

When you are middle-aged or older you tend to think this may be my last chance, it’s either now or never.

But what if you have responsibilities looming over you like a cloud of dust? You must feed the family or pay that bill. You can’t move because it just doesn’t make sense or I can’t love again…..I might get hurt.

A cloud of dust and debris from a controlled detonation of an improvised explosive device rises in Logar Province, Afghanistan, July 27, 2009. [REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov]

Should I stay in that job where I have proven myself over and over again yet I’m not appreciated for what I am worth? It may be a dead end job but it pays the bills and covers my health insurance.

Do I take that leap of faith and jump into something my heart longs for yet not sure if I can make it ?

I’ve written posts about Choices and Gut feelings. It all sounds well and good, hopeful and inspirational but if the stakes are high, what do we do?

Answer the following questions honestly,

If you stay in that spot where you are at, will you be happy and satisfied?

will you always wonder, “what if ?”

If you took that leap of faith and followed your heart, but it didn’t work out as planned, would you be able to pick yourself up and start over?

Sooner or later, our lives will come to an end, that’s a sure thing. If we are on our last moments in this life, will we be proud of how we lived it or will we regret that we didn’t try?

For me personally, I’ve always been the logical thinker, weighing out the pros and cons of every situation, forever playing it safe.

Now that I am getting older, I am more willing to think, dream and even calculate ways to make my desires work. I’m not going to just jump off the deep end without looking first, but I’m planning my escape into my dreams and the day will come soon that I will take that monumental “plunge.”

What about you? Have you ever made that kind of choice? If so, did you succeed?

Did you jump without planning and fall flat?

Have you ever followed your heart even when your head was saying “are you crazy? ”

Have you ever teetered on the edge of something huge and life-changing then backed away to regret forever?


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