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Federation of friends

Friendship, what does it mean?  familiarity, fellowship, fondness,  fraternity?



Think about it for a minute…….do you have any friends?  I certainly hope so.  If you didn’t then I would take a good, long, hard look as to the reason why. 

We need friends, it’s part of our social interaction with other humans.  Unless of course you are not human, and if you are not human then you wouldn’t be reading this post.   So, now we have determined that you are human, lets look at how our own circle of friends play a role in our lives.

A circle of  friends are like components that fit together to make a complete unit.  Some of you may have only one good friend or many.  Lets take a look at how our friends complete our circle. 

With each category outlined below, think about which one of your friends fit into that particular category.  (Remember, this is supposed to be fun.)

1. Flame friend –  We all know about the flame friend. This is our significant other, our partner, the one we love.  If you have ever experienced this type of friendship you are blessed.  This is the friend you decide to spend your life with and share everything.  



2, Fantastic fun friend –  Everyone has had one of these at some point.  This friend is the charismatic, fascinating person that is very attracting to everyone.  It is exciting to be around them and you know you are in for a good time.  These types of friends are usually short-lived because their magnetic personalities usually wear off after a while.  They can only be tolerated for short amounts of time. 


3. Faraway friend –  This is the friend that you do not see or hear from very often but they still play a role in your life. They may live hundreds of miles away or right around the corner.  You interact with them in moderation, you care for them just as much as your other friends, but you only see them once every so often and when you do, it’s as if no time had elapsed.  You can always pick up right where you left off. 


4. Full-time worker friend –  This is your friend at the office, job, in the field or related to your career in some way.  This is a confidant that you can rely on to pick you up when you feel like telling the “powers that be” to shove it.  Or the person that will tell you that your outfit does not match and you feel like hiding all day.  Thank goodness for these friends because without them, we wouldn’t be employed very long.



5. Favorable friend –  This is the friend that you just really connect with.  your core beliefs are the same, you feel comfortable telling them anything and you always seem to be in agreement .   No matter what the circumstances your favorable friend is reliable and supportive.  You enjoy spending time with them no matter what you are doing.


6.  Friction friend –  This person is quite the opposite as the favorable friend.  You like them and you want to continue the friendship but you seem to disagree about almost everything.  They seem to just rub you the wrong way most of the time.  They tend to aggravate you and make you feel disgruntled.  You may not even  understand why they are your friend.  Maybe it’s out of obligation or you just secretly like the rivalry that it stirs up inside of you.  


7. For-Life friend –  This is the friend that you have known the longest or may be the closest friend you have.  This is the person that no matter what life brings to you, they accept you. They support you when you have fallen flat on your face and they will defend your honor no matter what the circumstances.


Some of your friends may fall into more than just one category.  Believe me when I say I’ve had all of the above as I am sure most of you have also.  

Friends may come and friends may go but they all serve a purpose in our lives. 

What kind of friend are you? 

Which category do you fit into?

Lets all be appreciative of our friends,  tell them the next time you see them how much they matter to us and remember, be the type of friend you would like to have.





4 comments on “Federation of friends

  1. nikky44
    April 28, 2012

    It’s a beautiful post, but it made me very sad. I lived all my life with no friends, but does that make me not human? Sometimes, the life we live, the circumstances of our life prevent us from having friends. Just few months ago, I started to have friends, all are online friends, I never met before, but Whom I love so much.

    • sherrylcook
      April 28, 2012

      Your comment made me stop and think for a moment, we all need contact with others for moral support. But what about the people who are in some sort of isolation like POW’s or people who suffer from immense anxiety and never socialize? The human spirit has a survival instinct that will adjust to different situations. You probably tapped into that with your books and family, so the question is, do we really need friends? I feel another post coming on! Thanks for the lightbulb moment Nikky.

  2. shellirayner
    April 27, 2012

    You is my friend, just don’t jump off a bridge. Lol

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