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Finding your creativity

Everyone is creative in some way.  In some of us, it is evident.  You may be the artsy type that can just pick up a paint brush and magically create a beautiful painting with just a few simple strokes.   Maybe you can play by ear and without any lessons, play a musical instrument or write a creative fiction story from your imagination.  If you are gifted with these talents I hope you use them. Don’t let them lie dormant and stifled somewhere deep within.  Pull them out and enjoy the peace that comes with each stroke or page.  This “gift” is for you, let it flourish and bring others joy.

There are all kinds of creativity that many people may not be aware of.  These are all gifts to you.  Once you find your gifts you should develop them.  Using your gifts will let them grow and mature becoming a path for you to follow in life.  Some of these gifts could be

Good communication skills


An ability to teach

organizational skills

visions of style or fashion


creating things with your hands

fixing things that are broken



There is an endless list of possibilities. These gifts may not be as evident as picking up an instrument and playing Mozart but they are just as fruitful. 

How do I discover my creativity?

First, start with the areas of interest to you.  Have you ever noticed that while you may be cleaning out your closet that this comes very easy for you?  Do you enjoy seeing your belongings neatly placed and arranged in an order that you created?   Did you like the process of actually making it “your way?”    If so, then you are probably blessed with some type of organizational skills.   

Do you love  being in the outdoors?  Does it bring a sense of peace to you?  Can you plant and naturally care for your yard?   This may be an area of creativity for you.  

When you do acknowledge the areas of interest in your life, act on them, pursue it.   While you are following this interest it may lead into something else that will spark something inside you, leading you into a bigger creativity.

When I was younger, just starting out in life, it was difficult finding my creativity. It was hard enough just to cope and get through the day but years of doing different things led into interests that ignited a desire to go down certain paths.  Listen to your desires and find what you are passionate about. 

 Listen to what people are telling you.    If you hear people tell you that your speech was awesome or you should do that more often.  Pay attention to this, especially if you hear it over and over. This may be a sign that this particular thing comes very easy to you.  If you also enjoy it, then move in that direction. Discover all options in that area and listen to your……    

Gut feelings



I hope you find your creativity,  nothing can be more satisfying than to take a  path of  pursuing the things that you love.  Start today by finding the areas of pursuit, then plan the steps to take to get you closer to your dreams.   Let your creative juices start flowing!   


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3 comments on “Finding your creativity

  1. nikky44
    May 5, 2012

    I’m sure you’re right Sherryl although I can’t see now that i am creative. maybe I must look into myself better!!

  2. 30 Something Girl
    May 3, 2012

    Love this post! I have never considered myself to be “creative.” I was asked to speak to a group of students about being creative, and it was one of the hardest speeches I’ve had to prepare. Such great insight… I’m saving this blog post!

    • sherrylcook
      May 3, 2012

      Thank you! I look forward to checking out your blog as well. I wish I would have had this information thirty years ago but I guess everything has it’s purpose and I also think think that the older we get, the more in tune we are with our desires of the heart.

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