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We are Barbarian….Erggggg !

 The following is an average trip to the gym on any average afternoon following a full day of work.   In response of my daughters urging for me to join her in a regular, (shall I say boring) 5k run.

     You see, I am not a runner, never have been.  When I run I feel as though my legs are made of concrete blocks. My body feels like an elephant stomping through an african village.  So every time she attempts to get me to run with her, I come up with all kinds of lame excuses.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I can dance all day, ride a bike for hours, I love to be in shape and do active things but running is just not my game.

 I’m just your average fifty-one year old mother of two daughters (well, maybe not so average)  I’ve been fairly active my entire life but I’m definitely not a gym junkie or anything of that sort.   I’ve tried several diets over the years to attempt to get that extra ten to fifteen pounds off.  This past year I have lost 30 pounds and I feel better now than I did when I was 25.   Read  ……..My personal weight loss journey  for ways that I accomplished that.   My daughter is getting married on the beach in September so we both are inspired to get in as good of shape as possible for that special day.

But I need MOTIVATION!  Something that will challenge me.  I’m not one to stick to the same workout routine everyday blah blah blah…..until it hit me one day while I was conversing with a fellow blogger coachcrystalspadawan .


it even looks good doesn’t it?    I googled it immediately to learn more. Its  a 4,3 mile  obstacle course filled with barbaric challenges including walls, fire pits, mud holes , rivers and who knows what else.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!


Now this sounds much more fun than just running down the middle of the road.  So Shanna (my daughter) and I have agreed to “get in shape” for the


 We have approximately eight weeks to prepare for this challenge in Gadsden, Alabama


As we enter the gym we decide we need to mix things up a bit for an obstacle course.  We start on the treadmill for 20 minutes then move to the elliptical for another 20.  Now, it’s on the weight machines.  We both have pretty strong legs but our arms are very weak, we must have strong arms to get over the wall with a rope. Most of the people in there are regulars, doing their regular routines. ( have you ever just wanted to see someone running on a treadmill for an hour just lose their balance and fly off the back end?)  Not to get hurt of course, I just don’t see how they can run that long and not even look tired.

I commend all of the people in there that really need to lose weight, at least they are trying.  What I can’t stand are the petite, pretty little things that are working out and they aren’t even breaking a sweat, their make up is perfect and hair is in place.  Makes me sick!

While we are making our way around the machines we are feeling pretty good about our workout. We go from one arm machine to another pushing ourselves (to a degree)  my arms feel as though they are rubber by now but I am determined to get through it.

 I noticed a girl working out earlier while we were on the treadmill and she seemed pretty serious about her routine.  I watched as she walked over to the arm machine I was getting ready to use.  while I sat there struggling trying to lift 30 lbs.  I was vaguely aware that she did about 20 lifts then jumped up and walked away. ” Ok, my turn”  I thought as I sat down I looked at the amount of weight she had lifted…….160 lbs!!!!   OMG!   I made a funny face at my daughter as she was struggling on another machine.   I couldn’t believe it because it was so simple for her so I said….”let me try this.”  by this time Shanna had walked over and as I gave a great big push…..I couldn’t even LIFT it!  ok, so maybe I didn’t have a good hold on it so I tried again.  No luck…..didn’t even make a clanking sound.  By this time Shanna is choking with laughter, then she tries to lift it….HA HA  no way!   what a  hoot!   After a really good laugh we decide to go to the inner and outer thigh machines.

Now, this is where I excell…..My legs are strong, doing  sports and teaching dance for 17 years might be the reason why.   As Shanna and I are on these machines I am adjusting the weights,  100 lbs is what I was using on the inner thighs while shanna could only handle 30.  She looks over at me and flatly says  “I don’t think your machine is working”.  I couldn’t help but crack up because you can see the weights going up and down with each effort.

So this is our typical gym session, what do you guys think?  Are we going to make it to the end of the….


We  don’t want to compete with anyone……we just want to FINISH!

We accept all tips and motivation!!!!

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6 comments on “We are Barbarian….Erggggg !

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  5. coachcrystalspadawan
    May 4, 2012

    AWESOME!!! Cant wait to see you at the Barbarian Challenge. Its going to be so much fun (well, about halfway through, you are going to say, why in the hell did I decide to do this, but when you are done, wow, what a RUSH!!)

    I like the workout.Hilarious that you couldnt move the weight, was she a bodybuilder or something??

    I found that the run was harder than the obstacles for me (but I have strong upper body and dont like to run at all) so I am trying to work on my running deficiency.

    • sherrylcook
      May 4, 2012

      Yes! can’t wait to meet you also…. and all I can say is she must have been some kind of body builder although she didn’t look all that muscular….thats what made it so funny! If I finish the challenge before midnight I will be happy…lol seriously I’m kinda worried about the wall. I’m going to really work on my stamina more then anything….read my post about the bike riding ordeal at the bottom of the post….I tend to always bite off more than I can chew…..thanks for the tips and keep em coming!!!

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