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Count me in!

Today is the day…..I’m actually going to pay for the opportunity to sweat, run, get muddy, jump through fire, climb walls pick up tires and who knows what else.  Am I crazy?    Have I actually lost my mind this time?   It’s called the Barbarian Challenge in Gadsden, Alabama on June 23rd.   I have NEVER run in a race or even thought about it.  It’s the challenge that is beckoning me.  

 Swainsboro, GA   (By the way, this is not me in the photo, not yet anyway….)


I’ve watched the videos on utube and I know it is going to be very hard.  My goal is to get across the finish line.   My daughter and I are “in training”  or should I say trying to prepare.   So stay tuned dear and faithful readers….. I will be posting updates of  our preparation.       This fifty-one year old grandmother is going to rock the Barbarian run!!!!


4 comments on “Count me in!

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  2. coachcrystalspadawan
    May 9, 2012

    It is on like a chicken bone!! hahaha. I signed up my “Clan” last night too. Although it said 9:00 was sold out, when you sign up a “clan” it let you choose 9 so i did. What time are you running?? So excited!

    • sherrylcook
      May 9, 2012

      yay!!! I get to meet a fellow blogger! It’s just my daughter and I so we signed up for the 10:00 horde. My daughter is moving to Pinson, Al. in Sept. so we are staying there and driving to Gasden that morning. I have to really buckle down now….I’m committed.. : /

      • coachcrystalspadawan
        May 9, 2012

        We live in Mount Olive, which, like Pinson, is also north of Birmingham. We are driving over that morning too!!
        The hardest part will probably be the running. The obstacles arent easy, but they tire you out which makes the running even harder… its going to be so much fun!!!!!

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