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Remain calm

When things are in a frenzy and your world seems discombobulated (I love this word), do not let yourself get caught up in the whirlwind.  I know, I know what you are thinking……But Sherry, I can’t help it, when my world turns into a chaotic mess, it makes me feel unsettled inside and when I feel unsettled everything around me starts a domino effect by falling to pieces.


Have you ever noticed how your body reacts to life’s disturbances?  You drop things, can’t find your keys, running late for that appointment or get behind the slowest person on the road?  You are fretting and it seems as if everything and everyone you come in contact with is out to get you. 


When your world gets out of whack like this and it will….trust me.  You can be prepared to tackle it with a calm and self-assurance that “this too shall pass.”


How do we stay calm  during a time of befuddlement?  How can we prepare if it creeps up behind us and surprises us when we least expect it and it sends us into a tailspin within nano seconds?


First of all, teach yourself that you are like a tree.  When the hurricane comes rolling in a treetop will sway and bend and look as though it is going to just snap off.  But look closer at this tree…..the base of this tree is steady, barely bending and if the roots are deep enough and strong enough it will stay planted firmly in the ground.  It has grown to be rooted and held firmly in the soil that has nourished it for years. 


You are this tree, the winds start blowing and your world starts experiencing confusion and you may begin feeling flustered.  STOP, THINK about your body being a tree.  Do not think about your emotions or feelings……you are thinking with your head and your heart (the top of the tree.)  Put your concentration at the base of your body which is deep within your abdomen.  this is your trunk of your tree.  If you’re well nourished (mind, body and spirit), your roots will be firmly planted in the soil that feeds you. 


know that this jumbled mess you find yourself in the middle of will soon fade away by concentrating on this meditation.  Take a moment to breathe and picture the tree.  YOU will overcome and you will stay calm, ceasing all other disturbances to disappear.


Start practicing with small frustrations until you get the hang of it so you can prepare yourself for the more intense bewilderment this life will hand you.


If you have your own way of handling these times of  discombobulation ( I had to add this word again….) give us your approach to how you handle yourself to stay calm and cool.  I would love to hear them!


5 comments on “Remain calm

  1. nikky44
    May 12, 2012

    I love the comparison with the tree! Thank you Sherryl. I usually try to stay calm by listening to music!

  2. frankoshanko
    May 10, 2012

    I’ve been practicing going to prayer and gratitude when I feel impatience come on. Something is working, because I have been much calmer and less reactive. Yay! ( :

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  4. healthyfrenchie
    May 10, 2012

    I was just going to post something about how overwhelmed I am just now. thank you 🙂

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