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A barbarian life

In four short weeks my daughter and I will be participating in the barbarian challenge in Gadsden, Alabama on june 23rd. This is a 4.3 mile obstacle course that includes mud, water, tunnels, wall, firepits, hills, barbed wire and much more! This is my first time to EVER do anything like this. I’m not your average athletic runner…. just a fifty-one year old grandmother (wow, that sounds so old) that has stayed semi active and needs a challenge. I propose that I have found it….lol I may not be the fastest, or the fittest but I will be there with my game ON!!!!

The post below was written by I loved it so much that I wanted you to read it. I have never reposted someone elses work before but I thought this was really worth sharing. Lets all try to be barbarians during our lifetime!


A barbarian life

A barbarian is one who is not restricted by age, sex, or race, but one who lives out the innate desires their body has. No matter how old they are or become they will always be a child at heart. They will never be afraid to get dirty! They are brave. They will thrive on the self gratification of accomplishments, yet never be surprised at what they are capable of doing. They will grow each day as they are capable to do things they could not do the day, the week or even the year before. They are true believers of the statement of doing anything you put your mind to. They will be very self motivated. As they relish in their achievements, they will not lose themselves in over glorification of themselves. They will use this opportunity to lift up those around them. Their achievements hold greater meaning when others accomplish those achievements with them. They inspire those around them even if they are unaware of it. They will have pride in their sweat soaked and blood stained shirts. They will refuse to hide their cuts and bruises, as they hope to have a passerby question them. Finally, they will have a slightly addictive personality…After they become a “barbarian” they will never stop. They will be addicted to life. It will be habit. They will be the pioneers, as they spread the word without enticement. They will be leaders as they grow the army and continue to change the world for the better.

Guys, I want to think and hope I am inspiring some of you, and you need to know that you are inspiring those around you. Even if you don’t know it, people are bringing you up in conversations with people about how impressed they are with you. As barbarians, it is our job to lead and inspire. You are doing it already. One day you looked online, and you saw this crazy race…you signed up! That is not easy for everybody. You are brave. This is how I feel about each and every one of you all. I do not know many of you, but I know you. I consider us all to be part of a special group, and I hope that I have opened your eyes to maybe a part of you that you did not know was there. Now that you are aware of it, embrace it. I hope I have given you all a little insight into my thought process, and shown you a little into my mindset. These are the reasons I write this blog and do these races. Thank you all for reading. Goodnight everybody.

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