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Motivation Identification

Lets get motivated! 

First, what do you need to get motivated about?    Let’s focus on one area right now. What is the area of your life that needs a kick in the you know what to get you going? Is it….

Getting healthier?    exercise?   eating better?

Could it be getting organized? 

Finding a better job?

Spending more time with friends or family?

Finding some down time to unwind and relax?

Creating ways to save money?

Living more in the present?

Finishing that book that you are writing?

and the list goes on and on and on!


Once you have pin pointed the one thing you know you have GOT to get motivated about then  this is what you do……


Are you ready?   it’s so simple!


Just follow this ONE SIMPLE STEP……




That’s all there is to it.    No list’s, no bull, no fast fix it or let’s talk about it, or  philosophical  crap…..Just do it!   

No more excuses,  no more whining.   You can find plenty of that everywhere you turn.   This is your life, your health, your time and your future!   YOU have to take the driver’s seat and drive your own life to its future. 

You are not going to find anything but ideas, tips, tricks, and prodding from reading self-help books, videos or advice from friends.  These may all be helpful but…..what it really boils down to is this….YOU ARE IN CHARGE!   Make the decision up in that noggin of yours and GO……do whatever it takes to get er done.

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Now…’s what I want from you……after you have decided what  ” THING”  you decided to get motivated about, let me know what you are doing and how you are doing it!     


I will start the conversation…..I need to get motivated to finish my book, I will take one hour every other day to work on it.  Starting TODAY!  


come on Ya’ll,  




One comment on “Motivation Identification

  1. nikky44
    May 31, 2012

    I want to start a diet…

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