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Cockamamie occurrences

    Sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh, It’s funny how the universe or cosmos’ (whatever you want to call it), plays little mind games with you.  Have you ever noticed the oddities that happen that just make you scratch your head in wonderment?  

 For instance….If you are in a big hurry to get somewhere and you are running late, you hit every single red light along the way or get stuck behind the slowest putt putt car on the highway?

  Have you ever caught yourself staring at the radio?  You are probably just listening to it intently but you unconsciously stare at it.  How funny would that look to someone who happens to walk by?

   My daughters and I are pretty close and it is uncanny how our lives run  parallel with each other.  They are grown adults now, the three of us have experienced divorce within a years time of each other, either gotten married or found a significant other close to the same time frame, and most recently have all purchased a house within three months of each other!  My oldest daughter and I have this bizarre occurrence of wearing the same colors and type of clothing every time we go somewhere together.  At first we thought it was just coincidence, now it is downright non-sensical.

Maybe you have peace and tranquility in your life for days, weeks even months, then suddenly the bottom falls out and everything happens at once. Total chaos from every direction you turn!

Are the planets lining up in a particular way? Is it the moon or the tide?  Maybe it’s within our own bio-rhythm, the  natural ebb and flow of our physical bodies. 

Who knows!

Whatever it is, Life has its own funny way of poking you in the ribs and saying “smile, I got this!”

 Have a great cockamamie day!


2 comments on “Cockamamie occurrences

  1. Dr Bill
    June 2, 2012

    Love your post!

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