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Mademoiselle Sherry

    This post is dedicated to all the wonderful ladies.  We  are smart, witty, lovable and sensual,  we know what we want and we will work very hard to get it.  I love being a girl, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Just call me mademoiselle Sherry!  

     Last weekend I helped “my man” move from an apartment into a house on the other side of town.  We made the decision to not get very stressed over the ordeal, we would just take our time and move a load, get it unpacked and then get another, no hurry, no sweat.    Sweat?  Did I say sweat?  The highs each day was in the nineties  and the humidity was very high. 

    I packed, cleaned, shoved, pulled, pushed, lifted, carried, cleaned again,unpacked, put up, threw away, ran errands, loaded, unloaded, well you get the idea?  It’s all good!  I can work hard, get dirty, drive a truck and do “almost” everything you guys can do.  There is only one thing that I cannot handle. 

   Once I get dirty and the job is done, I have to get clean.  A nice hot jacuzzi bath with good smelling body soap, shampoo and conditioner, smelly skin lotion and a bottle of wine!   We ladies are so lucky!  I cannot describe the feeling of getting clean after a weekend like I had.  Pedi and Mani is a must have and I am a new woman. 




    I know you guys like to get clean also but it doesn’t even compare to the feeling we ladies have once we have groomed ourselves.  So, to all the mademoiselle’s out there…..Go forth and be CLEAN!

4 comments on “Mademoiselle Sherry

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  2. A Star on the Forehead
    June 4, 2012

    Getting waxed, mani/pedi and a massage, that is heaven to me!! 🙂

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