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The sunshine award

I have been nominated for the Sunshine award by the sweet . Please visit her blog, you will be blown away by her humor, fun and realistic views of this thing we call “life.”    Thank you!

Below is a little list of  some of my FAVORITE THINGS and  a list  4  bloggers I think deserve a BIG BOUQUET of SUNSHINE!

Favorite Color~  Green
Favorite Animal~ Dogs
Favorite number~ 11

Favorite Non-alcoholic drink~ Diet Coke

Facebook or Twitter~ Facebook

My Passion~ Using my creative abilities in writing, painting and home projects.

Prefer getting or giving presents~ Giving
Favorite pattern~  favorite pattern????   really????

Favorite Day of the Week~  Saturday

Favorite Flower~ Tulip

FAVORITE BLOGS  that inspire my thoughts, increase my awareness, make me laugh, and broaden my perspectives~ Check them out!!!




Coach Crystal’s Padawan



3 comments on “The sunshine award

  1. nikky44
    June 9, 2012


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  3. healthyfrenchie
    June 4, 2012

    Thanks again for the nomination 🙂

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