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Creativity, I have to be motivated…

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How do I begin a project?  I’m not talking about cleaning the house or getting the car fixed.  The subject is overcoming the first moments of creating something.  For anyone who creates, whether it is a canvas painting, writing a song or planning to decorate a room, you have to start somewhere. 

First of all, the creator has to be MOTIVATED.   Motivation means incentive or inducing energy.   So, it all begins in the brain.  Something we enjoy and brings us pleasure.  This is called psychological energy or drive.  It is an energy that we get when that interest is ignited within us. 


Once the desire is there to create, when that idea has spoken to us, we get excited about the creation.  We know that we are ready to create.


Finding your motivation

I used to be a dance teacher and I choreographed hundreds of dances for my students over the years.  Each and every dance was different and unique.  I took a lot of pride in each and every one.   What was the motivating force?  The music I was using had to SPEAK to me.  I would search until I heard “the” song.  When I heard it, something would just click inside of me and I knew that I wanted to use that song.  

Read  Dancing through life  for a more in depth view of creating.

I enjoy acrylic painting on canvas and sometimes it is very difficult to get started.  So, I wait until the psychological energy hits me.  Once I feel the desire I know its time to get started. 


Avoiding burnout

When I am feeling discouraged about a creation or can’t get into the “spirit” of creating, I step back and give it some space.  I return to it when I feel refreshed and motivated again.   For me personally, I find it difficult to “force” the feeling but I will admit that there are times when I just go ahead and  start writing or painting and I can feel the  energy begin to flow as I create.   


Getting started

Standing before a blank canvas with the brush in your hand or looking at a blank page on the computer screen can be an awkward feeling.  This is why it is so important to have that creative energy pulsing inside of you ready to move through your mind and into your fingertips.  Your creation is an extension of you, for no one else to complete.  Enjoy it and let it flow and the fulfillment that you experience will be undeniable.   Now go forth and create something!




2 comments on “Creativity, I have to be motivated…

  1. ArtistMum
    July 10, 2012

    Love the picture of the hand reaching for the light!

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