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My Father, a pillar of society?

Society recognizes people of society as someone in control.

Maybe it would be someone in a powerful job such as government or the military. It could be someone who is wealthy and uses their money to control or someone that carries a lot of fame.  My father is none of the above, yet he definitely fits into the cliché of “a pillar of society.”

My father is a one of a kind man, once you meet him you will never forget him. He would grab your hand with a firm handshake and look you in the eye and expect nothing but the best from you.  He doesn’t look his seventy-eight years, he has a strong stature that can still lift, move and carry almost anything.  His voice can be demanding and when he tells you to do something you automatically do it.  He has never been in the military but you sure would think he had been!

Underneath the strong and resilient demeanor, my dad is one of the most caring and sensitive individuals I’ve ever known.  He is a man of his word, what he says….he means. He has worked hard his entire life and always expected nothing in return.  I can hear him saying to my brother and I when we first got a job, “when you get a job, you should get there early and stay late, don’t ever expect to get something for nothing.”

He always helped everyone that needed it. I will never forget the many times he has bailed me out of some kind of trouble.  I hope that I can be as fair and honest as he has been.  He can be so head strong at times that you just want to scream, but usually he is always right and he way is usually the best way.

Members of our family have often said the he should have run for office of some kind. There is no doubt that if he were in some sort of office, he would tell it like it is and changes would have been made.

As his daughter, I’ve always wanted to do something special for him, like send my parents on a great vacation or buy him a new boat.  That has never happened and probably won’t unless I win the lottery but I think he knows how much I love and respect him.  Thank you daddy, for always taking care of your family…

If there ever was a pillar of society it would be my father.


Your little….(now grown) girl


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