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Me and my car

There are some things in this world that just do not fit well together…


Like oil and water,  fire and water, white t-shirt and red kool aid, congressmen and common sense  or alcohol  and driving. Do you get the picture?  Can you think of any more? 


For me personally… it seems to be me and cars, I will even go a step further and say me and air conditioners specifically.  You see, In my hmm thirty or so years of driving history I have never owned a car that has had a decent air conditioner.  If  I did… it didn’t last very long. Within a year the air would start getting warmer and warmer, I would fill it with freon only for it to seep slowly out again.   I’ve always lived on a limited budget so I ‘ve never owned a “new” car.  Some of my past cars were actually pretty good cars, but alas!  the air!   

                                                                                                                                         Hot and Sweaty Car Repair Girl Royalty Free Stock


How hot does it get?  It can get so hot…


…within seconds, sweat will roll down your face and get into your eyes making it impossible to see anything!


…No need to wear makeup girls, it will only run into a puddle into the nearest wrinkle or crevice available.


…The bottom of your flip-flops melt while walking on the concrete.


…The humidity is so high your clothes are drenched before you even make it into work in the mornings.


It doesn’t help much when you live in the deep south and the temps can get scorching hot. It is not uncommon to see the upper nineties on any given day during the summer and when you factor in the humidity, it can feel like it is 115 degrees!

Odds are…


you would think that out of  (roughly) ten cars that I have owned in my lifetime, that I would get “lucky” and have at least one good air-conditioned car to brag about.  No..nada, not one.


As I sit here in the office of yet “another” automobile repair shop waiting for them to fix my car I wonder what the meaning is to all of this.  I am a middle-aged woman who might be experiencing some hot flashes from time to time but this is ridiculous!

Man Showing Woman Car Repair Stock PhotoPC480805

The experts say it is therapeutic to write about your frustrations (I’m writing as fast as I can) and to put your deepest feelings on paper (iphone).   Will I have success this time?  will I get to drive home in a nice cool car?


350 dollars later I’m sad to say, it didn’t happen.  My car was blowing hot air all the way home.  I will be back to the mechanic on monday.  New week, new day, new temperatures…..

Keep up the positive attitude Sherry, at least your not sitting on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck!   


Do any of you have car troubles like I do?   






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