New Visions

"Seeing" things a little differently

I’ ve done everything I know to do, what now?

Label it a goal, desire, ambition, idea or aspiration.

There is something that I want….and I have done everything I know to do to get it.

I’ve researched all aspects and information about this.

I’ve taken the steps towards making my goal a reality.

I am mentally ready.

I’ve made all arrangements necessary to achieve my goal.

and it’s just not happening.


What now?



We have all been in this position at some time or another.  We’ve set a goal, it’s our hearts desire and we’ve done so much work to achieve it.  Time is passing and nothing is happening.  What should I do now?   Do I just sit and wait?  hoping that sooner or later it will just happen?


Of course not!   There could be several reasons why “it” is not happening.   The number one reason is maybe it’s just not time yet.  Maybe there is more preparing that is needed or more ideas to discover.   Never give up on your dream, desire or goal.   The universe will align itself perfectly when it is time for your hard work to be appreciated.

If doors keep getting shut and your ambitions are not moving forward.  Sit back, take another look at exactly what it is you are striving for.  Look at different and new opportunities to get you where you need to be.


Be encouraged…

Sit quietly and just think

When the time is right

It will happen.

Believe it, live it, OWN it.





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