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It’s the end of the work week!

Oh what a feeling!                        

I am free of responsibilities, what a carefree feeling this is.  Time to relax and enjoy doing whatever I want to do, finally escaping the doldrums of the everyday routine.

Some of us get to enjoy the comfort of working at home or at your own leisure.  But the majority of us commute, punch a time clock and have a supervisor to answer too. Having to listen to gossipy, complaining employees that are never satisfied.

So when you finish your work week and have a day or two off in front of you, there is a feeling that is indescribable.  It’s yours, you own it.   Now granted, you may not be leaving for a vacation to Belize….(Although that would be wonderful.) You might even be doing home projects or helping a friend move.  Whatever it is….it is still YOUR time.

Where does this come from?

Remember back to the days when you were in grammar school sitting at your desk doing classwork day after day?  I can remember counting down the days until the bell rang and we would be out for the summer holidays.   Two more hours… fifteen minutes…five minutes…and the bell goes off.   Yay!  Running out never looking back… I am free for almost ninety days!

It’s that same kind of feeling, getting off on a friday afternoon after forty hours of working for someone else.  I love the feeling.  It’s a happy place deep down inside.  I like to listen to loud music on the way home singing as if I were on broadway.

I am grateful for my job, it pays the bills and insurance that is needed to supply my personal expenditures.  I look forward to the day when I can move into the next phase of my life when I am working for myself and have more time for creative projects, but for now… I will enjoy that time clock on friday afternoons and the feeling of having the weekend ahead of me.

It’s just a little thing but one that deserves to be credited by all of the nine to fivers, working for a living!

Do you just get that crazy excited feeling when you know you have some off time coming?   How do you celebrate?

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