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Her first birthday

Happy Birthday to you!


This is my precious grand-daughter, she turned one today! It’s amazing how much you can love someone so quickly. She has my heart wrapped around her and I would do anything for both of my beautiful grand daughters.

Today she celebrates by looking at all the beautiful colors and seeing her family and friends gathering around her. She watched all of us sing to her with a look on her face as if she were saying “Why is everyone singing to me?” She is learning to walk, unsteady and wanting to hold on to something, for fear she may fall.

One year old, so much living to do, so much learning and so much loving.

On this day one year ago I was in Las Vegas with my dear friend Kathy. We were enjoying precious moments together because we knew that her time on this earth was close to an end. She battled a long illness and now, she is gone.

This world just keeps on revolving, day and night, winter and summer, birth and death. It slips through our fingers like sand. Here today and gone tomorrow.

My Grand daughter has many years ahead to discover and learn what her role here on this earth is. Live your lives dear friends….make it the most you can in this very moment for it will not last long. learn from the old and wise but also learn from the young and weak.

Live now!

Make it count this very second

discover the world like my one year old grand-daughter.

From this very moment, beginning right now…

Happy birthday Addie Jade… Nana loves you!


One comment on “Her first birthday

  1. nikky44
    July 13, 2012

    Happy Birthday to the sweet baby!!!

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