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Passive, cynical or optimist?

Three choices equals three very different results.

Two friends with not a lot in common were having lunch the other day. They’ve known each other for a very long time and they love to get together to discuss the latest news. On this particular day as cynical and optimistic were having lunch, the subject of their very dear friend named passive came up. Passive is going through some very difficult times right now and doesn’t know what to do in order to straighten out her life.

“So tell me optimistic, what do you think our friend passive should do to get over this mess she is in now?” says cynical. As optimistic stops eating and pauses for a second before answering such an important question, carefully choosing her words, she answers “Well, I believe that passive can get through this with the support of her friends. Maybe she can re-examine what has led to these obstacles and come up with a plan to conquer and succeed.

Cynical could not believe what she had just heard, “Now come on… said cynical, You know as well as I do that passive has never come up with any kind of plan, she will just sit around and feel sorry for herself and play a victim. She doesn’t have what it takes to overcome and conquer!”

Optimist leaned forward and said in a very serious tone of voice. “There comes a point and time in everyones life where you have to make a choice. Either feel sorry for yourself, stay in a rut and continue to get along in life just as you are, or make a change and decide that you will not be beaten by this obstacle and you will do whatever it takes to overcome it. ”

Cynical rolled her eyes and wiggled in her seat as if just the words overcome and conquer were making her uncomfortable. “People just don’t up and change overnight and poof! their problems are gone, you live in a magical fairyland optimistic… you always have.” stated cynical in a very matter of fact sounding tone of voice. “Just give up on her…she will never get anywhere…..shes too, well..PASSIVE!”

Optimist stood up from the table getting ready to go pay the cashier and said, “If passive decides she wants to change her life and become happier and do the work that it will take to get her there, then I will be right there encouraging her. Anyone can make the choice. Heck, life is just full of choices! The way our lives turn out depends on the choices we make.”

As the two ladies left the cafe they agreed to disagree.

Three very different personalities and three very different lifestyles. Which one are you?

Are you…


Passive ? – Not reacting to something that might be expected to produce emotion or feeling. Not participating actively.


Cynical ?- Distrusting, bitter, showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality.


Optimistic ?- takes a favorable view of events or conditions and expect the most favorable outcome.


Yes, we have choices and yes there are some circumstances beyond our control. You have the choice on how YOU react to every obstacle that comes along your way. Choose your future by making good, positive choices.

Optimistic : good times ahead optimistic yellow road sign being positive and optimism for a bright future and great time Stock Photo


I understand the concept of optimism.
But I think with me what you get is a lack of cynicism.
Tom Hanks

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2 comments on “Passive, cynical or optimist?

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  2. nikky44
    July 13, 2012

    I realized after many years of depression that what I thought was that I’m getting stronger, was only that I became passive and stopped reacting, which is not good at all.

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