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It’s a brand new day!

New day, new places, new adventures!



With every day that you wake up, there is no telling what it may hold for you.  Did you know that during the course  of a single day we think at least 12,000 thoughts?   That is 12,000 different things that we can choose to act on, decide upon or trash.   I would recommend that we trash all the negative thoughts!

We are smack in the middle of the summer months and we are either going on vacation, planning for the next school year or just plain busy.  I know for me personally I can’t seem to keep up.  Between working, planning my new endeavors, spending time with my man/helping him with his new house, helping my daughter with her wedding in seven weeks and a small side computer job, my life is full to the brim. 

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Each day is packed full but I wake up each day expecting new and wonderful things.  I am packing 12,000 positive thoughts in my head! 

Come on everyone, give me at least ONE good positive thought!!!   BRING IT ON!


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One comment on “It’s a brand new day!

  1. Candy S
    July 17, 2012

    Life is Good! I am grateful to simply wake up. But 12,000 thoughts…. no wonder my brain is so tired! 🙂

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