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Negativity in the workplace and how to avoid it.

Why are some people so NEGATIVE?

It never fails, no matter where you work there is always someone who has the most negative attitude about everything. No matter what the circumstance…this person will try to bring you down (and usually succeeds) so you can feel bad right along with them the rest of the day.

We all know someone like this, they are never happy and they are always complaining about everything. Usually they have this mean look on their face and they are always trying to suck you up in their wrath of sorrow.

I know for a fact I’ve been sucked up into this persons negative energy more than I would care to mention. I have made a new promise to myself that from now on, I will stay away from these types of people. If I have to, I will eat lunch alone, go outside at break time and spend my time reading. I will involve myself only in positive things so I cannot be near the negative energy.

I’ve tried to bring positive energy towards this person by giving them encouragement and friendship but I really believe this person just LOVES being negative. It makes the day longer and everyone plays into it. before you know it….everyone is complaining, and miserable. So….I am out! I will not play a part in it any longer.

Please… someone just shoot me if I ever get that miserable!

Here are some pointers if you are dealing with a negative co-worker that you have to associate with.

1. Try your hardest not to agree with this person when he/she starts ranting and raving about what is wrong with the job. (If you agree, they will just have more fuel to carry on further.)

2. Find ways to occupy your time during break and lunch so you will not be tempted to socialize with this person.

3. If you must spend time with co-worker then see if there are things you can do alone and wait until Mr/Mrs negativity begins their rant to begin one of these projects.

4. Talk to your immediate supervisor about the negative energy this person is spreading to you and other co workers.

5. Separate yourself from this co-worker as much as you can but be ready to stand by your beliefs. let this person know that you will not be a part of discussing conflicts unless it is in an organized meeting with everyone involved.

6. If the majority of your co workers are like this and you feel an impending doom every time you head into work, maybe it’s time to begin searching for another place to share your talents.

I want to hear your co-worker Grinch stories! How did you handle it?

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