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When to make your move



How do you know when to make your move?

Are you thinking about doing something different?  Maybe it’s losing some weight, starting a  new job, re-decorating a room, getting a new haircut or quitting a habit.  The different situations are endless but the question remains the same. How do you know when to make your move?  


When do we make that split second decision to just “do it?” 

It could be after months or years of thought and careful consideration. writing down the pros and cons of every angle. 


Maybe you make that split second decision in that very split second.  As soon as the thought crosses your mind you say “ok, I am going to do that!”


What is it that makes the switch flip from off to on?  or the light bulb turn on?  You get the idea right?  Is it intuition, desire, curiosity or impatience?  


We have to make these choices daily, almost constantly.  But what if the question at hand is a difficult one?   What if we can’t see how it will turn out on the other side and we are just not very sure….. we want to,  but there is always that possibility that it may backfire on you.   How do we make that decision to just JUMP….FLY…STEP OFF INTO THE UNKNOWN…

Don’t let fear be your guide…

If only there was a clear answer to these questions.  I wrote an article  some time ago  on   Gut feelings  and  Learn how to use your intuition that may explain more about making decisions. 

So how do you know when to make your move?   The answer is simply when you can’t think about anything else. When the thoughts consume you and you are infatuated with the ideas rolling in your brain.   I get them all the time…moving from one great idea to the next.  Maybe they don’t all work out the way I have hoped but it is a process called “life.”

How do you know when to make your move, make that decision or go for it? 



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