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Overcoming your obstacles

Note:  I will be a guest speaker on the blogtalkradio show “speakerspotlight” hosted by Soul dancer next Thursday, August 23rd  at 5:30 pm central time zone.  You may tune in to listen live and even have the opportunity to call in and join the conversation or click on the link to listen anytime afterwards.  Here is the link to my presentation….     

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I will be discussing “Overcoming your obstacles.”  I would love for this to become a platform for discussion here on my blog and on the radio program.  Together we can “overcome our obstacles.”

(My daughter and I on a 4.5 mile obstacle course in June)


     We all have a story… it’s a reality called life.  From childhood all the way through becoming a senior citizen, there are obstacles of every size, shape and color that we must face.  Just take a look around at your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors and people we hear about on the news.  EVERYONE has obstacles!  Why is it that some people seem to just hurdle right over them without any bumps or bruises and others, wallow around in them and wrestle with it endlessly?

     It’s because they have the tools to face them head on and do the necessary steps to be rid of them one at a time.  I’m going to share with you some of the ways I have personally learned to overcome many obstacles I have faced during my life.  Believe me, it has been trial and error for many of them. 

Defining obstacles

Stop and think for a moment…What obstacles have you faced today?\

examples of different types of obstacles are…

Small obstacles can be defined as – lost keys, late for appointment, oversleeping, forgetting things, etc.

Medium obstacles – car trouble, traffic jam, sick, bad weather, your routine gets sidetracked,disagreements with friends or co workers.

Life size obstacles –  Family issues/arguing, Job, financial issues, Marriage/divorce, health, death,

(challenges and obstacles)


Life is full of obstacles

How can we prepare ourselves for handling these obstacles?  Some…we can prepare and get ready for them because as time goes by we can see the obstacle getting larger and larger.  But most obstacles have a tendency to just happen on a seconds notice.  No warning at all then BAM! there it is… such as sickness, traffic jams or accidents, running late, missed flight etc.  Of course it all depends on the circumstances.

Learning to conquer!

4 key points to remember.

1.   Stay calm and think smart.

2.  You need at least  three ideas to get you through the first few minutes of the obstacle.  What will benefit me the most?  Put the three ideas in sequential order.

Example:    Let’s say your car breaks down while you are driving in traffic. (medium-sized obstacle.)

First idea – (to get you through the first few seconds) get out of the traffic and park your car in a safe place off of the roadway.

Second idea – inform appointment or job that you will be late.

Third idea – make arrangements to have someone look at your car or assess the situation yourself.   This may sound easy but you would be surprised how many people will just panic within the first minute or two of an obstacle.

3. Have confidence to overcome…find it…make it…believe it!

4. See it through…take action…move the obstacle.  Don’t avoid it, it will not just go away, take the steps necessary to move it out of your life, however long it takes.

(2 hours and 17 minutes to finish the barbarian challenge)


I know what you are thinking!

Sure, this is easy….but what about the LIFESIZE obstacles?

Define it, look at it head on, don’t deny it!

Depression, health, death, marriage issues, financial problems, addictions, family issues, physical challenges.  These are very REAL life altering obstacles.


Breaking it down to the basics.

Human spirit – we all have one.  We all have our own personal deep seeded beliefs.  You can call it God, soul, spirit, your guide, buddha, inner voice, intuition…whatever it is that gives you strength, an unexplained will to survive, to overcome and bounce back.

Our spirit or will to survive to continue living can get so deeply buried under mountains of different emotions such as fear, hurt, resentment, anger, remorse or sadness to name a few.

You must search deep down inside of yourself and identify the emotions that have your will buried. 

There are some things in this life we cannot control.

Physical challenges, death, illness, tragedies. We must learn to accept the things we cannot change.

Imagine a card game…of life.  You MUST play, you have been dealt your hand of cards  and now it is your turn.  You look at your cards, what are you going to do?  You have a choice.

You can keep the hand you were dealt in the beginning. This will result in staying the same, living under the shadow of the negative emotions of your life size obstacles…OR…you can trade in some of the cards that you have CONTROL over to make a better deal in YOUR life!

Negative cards will hold you back from conquering…or overcoming your obstacle.

Trading your cards…it’s your choice!

Trade in your negative tradable cards for more positive ones

Negative …Old card >  Positive…New card

Low self-esteem  >  Confidence

Resentment  >  Letting it go

Victimization   > Conquering

Sadness   >  Gratitude



1. Make the choice to uncover the buried and deflated will to survive, make the choice to win!

2. Search and find “some gratitude” in your life. Concentrate on the good.

3. Visualize a positive end result.

4. Don’t ever quit.

(My daughter and I at the finish line!)–  A motivational website for you to spend a few minutes for yourself while  filling  your cup with inspirational short stories and some great ideas!


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