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Let’s get uncomfortable!


Are you too comfortable? 


A daily routine, going to the same restaurant, ordering the same food off of the same menu, doing your same workout, only socializing with the same friends and doing the same chores at your job.


Does this sound mundane to you?   


Some people like their routines to stay the same, they feel comforted, relaxed and they know what to expect.  They go through the motions of the expected and they never have to deal with the unknown.  They live with confidence that everything will go as planned.


Let’s get uncomfortable!


Why then…Do we hear so many life coaches and others say we should step out of our comfort zone?

It helps us to GROW.  We learn to handle ourselves in new situations so we can travel further in each area of our lives.  If we stay stagnate we will never know the potential that we can achieve.


Have you ever heard the saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained?”  Its true, it you don’t ever get uncomfortable and ruffle your feathers a little, you will never know what opportunities in this life that could fall into your lap.  Not to mention the thrill of learning new things, meeting new people and finding new things in your life that have great meaning to you.


Let’s take me for example… I have been in a LOT of uncomfortable situations in my life. Growing up with a birth defect and having to explain my situation to everyone….find out more here about that..    Yes…this was the bad kind of uncomfortable and I hated it.  Now, that my life has changed so much, I have been indulging in the better type of uncomfortable.  The kind that is stretching my mind into areas of creativity and doing things I never thought possible. 

I am taking art classes in a downtown art studio and learning to better my skills as an artist.  During my first class I felt uneasy and anxious, I wasn’t sure if I was good enough for that. But after going to several classes, I feel such a sense of energy and creativity from it.  I crave to learn more and more.

I joined a local toastmaster club and I am learning to give speeches and better my  leadership skills, even though I have had speaking experience before, I am honing my skills for what is to come.  Doors are opening and opportunities are happening.  I was interviewed in a blog talk radio show this past week and THAT was definitely out of my comfort zone!   The very next day I received an email to be involved in a women’s webinar coming soon.  Opportunities are happening!

Would these doors be opening had I not stepped off into the unknown and got uncomfortable?  Probably not.  I can’t explain the wonderful feeling that you get when you accomplish something that you didn’t think you could! 


I have a dare for you

I want each of you reading this to do something that makes you uncomfortable.  If you don’t get that queasy uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach then it’s not uncomfortable enough.  It should make you feel like….ehhhh, I’m not so sure about this…. then DO IT!


Please comment below and tell me  something you have done lately that has ruffled your feathers, made you feel uncomfortable or you definitely stepped outside of your comfort zone.  I really am interested in hearing your experiences!


Don”t forget to visit my new website ( another one of my uncomfortable ventures!)  and ( join the email subscription box to recieve  “special”  newsletters on diet, exercise tips, motivational articles and keep up with the latest adventures of this thing we call life.)  I am trying to merge the two sites eventually and I don’t want to lose any of my wonderful readers….YOU are what makes this so special!



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