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Something old and something new



Out with the old!

This week marks the beginning of an end…

My daughter will be getting married next weekend. We have planned a beautiful yet simple wedding on the beach and it will be a great beginning for her and her fiance.  She will then make her new home in a new town with new friends and family.  She will forever be tied to her hometown where she grew up and learned her core beliefs as a person.  I will miss her terribly and I’m sure I will be burning the pavement between here and there with plenty of future visits.

The preparations are now officially underway since hurricane Issac has decided to move on.  Beautiful, precious time spent with my daughter, shopping, packing, planning.  Time spent together but with a different meaning this time.  She is leaving and I am feeling very melancholy about it all.  I am excited for her because I know she is moving forward in her life just as it should be… but I will miss her terribly.


Life never stays the same….no matter what.

Throw old your old worries, fears, resentments, feelings of frustrations and troubles!


In with the new!

Bring in the new hope, love, possibilities, peace and purpose!  


So many wonderful things happening!  My new website is up and running… check it out here…  

My memoirs are so near completion I can feel it now!

Opportunities are presenting itself to me daily!

I am excited and anticipating what my future holds for me.   

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