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My daughters wedding

Orange beach, Alabama


Many of you who follow along, keeping up with my journey in this chaotic world we live in…know that I’ ve written several times about my daughters upcoming wedding. 

This past weekend was the special time and words cannot describe how beautiful it was.  Ok…so I will try…  romantic, sweet, fun, exciting, melancholy, elegant, stunning, glorious, exquisite, splendid and perfect! 


Orange beach, Alabama

Ok, so words cannot describe  it! 

Maybe a picture does paint a thousand words!

Me, my daughter Shanna, my daughter Haley and granddaughters AnnaClaire and Addison.

(All the girls!)


Jack and I


Flower girls


And as if the weekend wasn’t perfect enough…nearly a hundred baby sea turtles decided that during the reception would be the time they hatched from underneath the sand and make their journey towards the sea for an average lifetime of seventy years.  The wedding party guests watched them rise up to the surface and crawl into the ocean one by one.  No one will ever forget that spectacular event. 

May the two newlyweds have a wonderful life ahead….(and the sea turtles!)


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2 comments on “My daughters wedding

  1. fiammisday
    September 10, 2012


    • sherrylcook
      September 10, 2012

      Thank you! I am still basking in it all….(smile)

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