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So…you want to win?

So…you want to win?

By: Sherry L. Cook                                                      

Do you find yourself getting stuck in a rut and need a nudge to push you over the edge? I know I need that little nudge a lot. Sometimes I get sidetracked and need a push to get back up and keep going. Do you want to know why I keep going?

Because I want to win!

You have made a decision, one that will change you. This decision has been thought about, figured out and sought out. Now It is time to follow through. No more excuses, no more ignoring the fact. The decision that you are making today to act upon, can be as original as you are.

Generally speaking this major decision can be,

*Overcoming addictions such as food, alcohol or bad relationships

*Becoming a more positive person

*Finding out who you really are and what  is it that  you really want?

*Get healthy

*Learn a new hobby

*Spread the word about your passion.

*Find your passion

*Tap into your intuition better

*A major change in your lifestyle.

*Changing careers or job.

*Am I happy…really?

Any of these can be associated with a decision you are either thinking about making or going to make. Maybe you have already made a decision and are actively in the midst of changing things…that is fantastic!

I want to win at everything I set out to do! Now, it’s not what you may be thinking. I’m not talking about winning the neighborhood “yard of the month” or “best cake of the county fair.”

The kind of winning I want is knowing I am winning at the game of life. I am winning because I am happy. I have found that the simple things are the most important. Live in the present and savor each memory. be grateful for who you are, appreciate your family and friends, learn new creative things and just enjoy your life.

So, do you want to win?

Then your decision is made… Do you have what it takes to succeed? To face your worst fear?


I attended a movie the other night and my man wouldn’t give me so much as a clue as to what we were going to watch. He told me the title which is “Beast of the southern wild.”

 You can watch the trailer here    He assured me that he thought I would like it. So I settled in with a drink and popcorn in the coolest little theater in Mobile, Al. called the Crescent theater. This movie is directed by Benh Zaitlin and written by Lucy Alibar and Benh Zaitlin.

Was I in for a treat!  The plot of the movie is much deeper than the teasers advertisements.

The basic summary of the movie is

Cut off from the mainland, surrounded by rising waters, the Bathtub is a desolate wilderness of poverty where a small community struggles to survive. Hushpuppy considers it “the prettiest place on Earth.” She is a fierce and unbreakable 6-year-old girl who lives here with her father, Wink, and other survivors who live so close to the earth that it might as well be part of them.

In the opening moments of “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” I had no idea when or where we were. Only gradually did I understand that the Bathtub is offshore from New Orleans, isolated by levees, existing self-contained on its own terms.  This story is full of wisdom and courage to overcome your fears and face them head on. It will  make you think and keep you captivated until the very end. It shows us how we MUST  face our worst fear to overcome and WIN!


Winning is exhausting

Winning is exhausting because it’s a lot of very hard work. You never give up no matter how many times you fail, matter of fact, the more you fail the closer you are to success! Be prepared to fail, then get up and do it again, keep trying until you get it right. When you seek out your answers and you are doing the work, when the time is right…you will win. It may not come in the form you are looking for but you will see when it happens, you will just “know.”

Your decision has been made, the action is in motion… now go and WIN! Win at life, find your joy, then scatter it to others.


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