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Do what you love, love what you do

Catchy little phrase isn’t it?

We hear phrases like this one all the time but does it really sink in?


Do what you love

Whatever it is in your life that you are doing…Is it something you love?

Let’s think about this for a moment.


Occupation –  Do  you have the type of job that is geared toward something that you love or in other words… passionate about?

Downtime –  Are you filling your free time with interests or hobbies that you love?

Relationships –  Are your relationships (friends or partner) the kind of meaningful relationships that you love?


Now, I know what you may be thinking…

But I have responsibilities that I despise  and they get in the way of all that!  Of course you do.  We all do, it’s called reality.

If we saturate our lives with as much love, passion and joy as we can fit into it, our “reality” will be much easier to deal with.

Love what you do

As you go through each day, do you feel that burning passion for whatever it is that you are doing?  Maybe you can’t wait to get started on it?  If so, then you are on the right course.

Even though you may not be doing EXACTLY what you desire…as long as you are working towards your passion or in the journey of getting there you are on the right path.

Sometimes life gets in the way and we tend to forget our passions or we may put them aside for a while in order to take care of important issues looming over us.  Just remember, It’s our passions that ignite the fire deep within us to accelerate our growth, inner peace and happiness in the long run.


Be happy my friends

Do what you love, love what you do! 


I am asking everyone to subscribe to my new website and lets continue to do what we love and love what we do!   Lets team together to be…people helping people!


2 comments on “Do what you love, love what you do

  1. sherrylcook
    September 20, 2012

    I’m not in my ideal job either and I’m frantically working towards my desires. I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the journey. The older I get the more I feel like time is running out! The Chinese have some wonderful ways of enjoying their journeys. If you are enjoying the ride then you are in the right frame of mind. Enjoying life…. Each and every minute.
    Thanks for commenting.

  2. coachdougbowers
    September 20, 2012

    Many years ago when I was in Malaysia, an old Chinese lady gave me a necklace with a pendant which was engraved in Chinese…”Live the life you love – love the life you live”.
    I’m not in my ideal job right now but I try to enjoy whatever it is I have to do and I try to do whatever I can that I enjoy…so far so good!!
    Nice reminder of how to get through life a little easier – thanks

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