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Elf on a shelf

Meet Holly…the newest member of our family. Holly was adopted into my daughter’s family just a week ago and is already adored by my granddaughters.


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My babies are grown adults now so it is difficult to keep up with the current fads that advertisers use to sell their newest toys and products. I feel out of touch when I hear of new gadgets that the younger generations know everything about and I am oblivious to what it is.


I do keep up with my family and friends through facebook and twitter.  I’ve learned how to maintain a website through trial and error so… I think I’ve done pretty good to keep up (though I may be lagging behind at times.)


The story goes something like this (as I am told.) The elves are of course Santa’s helpers and they are “adopted” by each family.  The family will give their elves a very special name and  they live with them the entire Christmas season.

During the day our elf  Holly, will find a place in the house to sit and watch over the family, carefully observing all the goings on of the day-to-day happenings.  At night, Holly magically flies to the north pole and reports to Santa how good little Addison and Annaclaire have been.  Holly also eats cookies and visits with the other elves during her nightly visits. By sunrise, Holly is back with her family to watch over them.  Holly is magic and cannot be touched or she will lose her abilities to fly back to the north pole.  She enjoys playing hide and seek with her loved ones by moving about the house from place to place.  Each day my granddaughters are excited to find where she may be sitting.


My six-year-old granddaughter AnnaClaire wanted one so bad last year when her teacher had one at school.  It was almost Christmas time so it was too late to adopt at that time.  Last week, when little miss AnnaClaire came home from school she went into her room (which was magically clean) and found Holly perched on top of her movie and book waiting for her!


Before Holly came into our lives AnnaClaire was sluggish to get up for school. Now she pops up and searches for Holly first thing in the morning.  Always on her best behavior because she knows Holly is watching. (From what I gather, the parents are enjoying Holly also!)

Photo: Addison wants to play with "holly" our elf on the shelf SOOOO BAD! :))


How wonderful this must be through the eyes of a child!  The excitement of Christmas morning and having your very own elf to watch over you.  Waking up each morning with the anticipation of finding her sitting somewhere new in your home.  Better yet, the overpowering love that I feel watching my granddaughters excitement just overwhelms me. I know it is a bit early and we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet but Merry Christmas everyone!  I am loving the grand-kids.



4 comments on “Elf on a shelf

  1. Hilary
    November 20, 2012

    Our elf just arrived today and the kids love it. I hope I can make the whole experience magical for them.

    • sherrylcook
      November 20, 2012

      I’m sure you will & will most likely be magical for you as well.. ; )

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  3. butimbeautiful
    November 7, 2012

    very clever idea!

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