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My rare raucous rant

The bubble has burst, this is my rare raucous rant.


I am usually a quiet person that hardly ever raises my voice. I do speak my opinion and I have  no problem doing so, but I seldom ever go on and on about issues once I have spoken my view.

Today is different, maybe it is the culmination of several different things that have been  building up or maybe its my mood…whatever the reason, here I go.


First of all, I would like to discuss face-book.  I have been a fan of face-book for several years, I’ve connected with many long-lost friends and made many new friends.  I enjoy keeping up with the happenings of my friends and seeing pictures of what everyone is doing.  BUT…it seems as if my timeline is just littered with “pages you might like” or fake pictures that someone has photo-shopped.  Rumors about people dying and the same stupid quotes over and over again.  There is more junk on the never-ending timeline than good information about my friends and family.

And lets talk about our friends…I love having my friends on fb because it gives me that connection without having to actually pick up the phone and call.   But some of them will post their EVERY MOVE!  come on peeps… I don’t need to know that you brushed your teeth and went to the mall or bought some clothes and ate with your best friends.  I’m not interested that you have a stomach ache  and you are upset because you had an argument with your boyfriend/girlfriend.  There are some things that need to be kept to yourself, pleeeeasse.    Post more about your families, pictures and interesting things that others WANT to read.

Now lets talk about politics, this is a very touchy subject for most people.  We all have our beliefs and opinions.  I was totally disgusted by people’s comments and posts during our presidential election.  I understand that we are all passionate about where our country is going but whatever happened to tact?  Friends that I had no idea would say such things were  mouthing off and being downright rude.  What happened to respect for other people’s opinions?  You don’t have to agree with them and you don’t have to persuade them to think a different way.  Just be nice and respect others people’s rights and opinions.  I saw big, long posts about how we should all live in harmony,  peace and world unity, blah blah blah…then BAM! that same person would respond to someone and start putting them down and calling them rude names because they didn’t agree with them. What happened to their world peace virtues and love/harmony beliefs?…  This just infuriates me.  

Yes, I could delete my face-book profile but the importance of keeping up with many of my good friends is special to me.  Yes, I could customize my settings but I can’t do that and still have my posts published on my friends timeline.  For the time being I will continue as I am, having to skim through all the nonsense.


On to my next rant…

Workplace woes –  I do my very best to arrive at work on time, do my job and stay positive while I am “on the clock.”  I have worked at the same place for ten years and it has always been that way.  I’ve probably clocked in late maybe 15-20 times in ten years.  I don’t call in sick when I’m not and I never cheat on my time-sheet.

Why do some people continuously come into work late?  over and over again. They act as though they are better than everyone else and punch in leisurely 5-20 minutes late constantly?  I work for a company that seems to put up with this type of thing until it gets so out of hand they finally “talk” to the person.  employees that don’t come in for every little thing, take advantage of the ‘system” and always opt out of doing their work.  People like me are left to take their slack.  It makes me feel like the ones that actually try to do the right thing are penalized for covering for the ones that are never here!


That’s it, I am done with my rare raucous rant.  I feel better even though nothing has been accomplished except for the deflation of my disgruntled bubble.   Hopefully I have wiped out all the negative feelings for a long time.   If you have read this entire post….Bless you for putting up with my ranting.   Peace out everybody!



Check out for a more positive website…   🙂


4 comments on “My rare raucous rant

  1. CMSmith
    November 13, 2012

    Gosh, I bet that feels good.

    Regarding Facebook, and don’t hate me for offering advice. I got tired of what was on my news feed too, so I made groups of family and friends, and I set my shortcut on my desktop to my “family” page. If I want to see what is on my newsfeed, I can easily get to it. I also click on the little globe in the menu bar and read the headlines to see if I want to read the actual new post from someone. It really cuts down on the time and clutter and I don’t miss any posts from my kids which are the main ones I’m concerned about.

    I agree fully with your civility rant. ‘Nuff said.

    Can’t help you with the job thing. I’ve been unemployed, for the most part, since 1982, with a couple of short-lived exceptions in between.

    • sherrylcook
      November 13, 2012

      That sounds like a great idea, I will definitely look into that. I know that there must be some way to cut down on seeing all that mess but I guess I just don’t have the patience to figure out how to set my groups up. Since I have the time to rant maybe I should take the time to figure it out! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Mickey
    November 12, 2012

    Yes, I read your entire post. I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote, & can relate to most of it. Your “workplace woes”; you know I can relate there. You also know the names of the people that describes in my workplace. Nothing has changed since you last worked there. I too had to rant/vent yesterday. Only I used FB IM, & my sweet precious friend allowed me to bust loose! I warned her that there would be cussing, and asked if the kids were in bed. I probably should have journaled this, but I needed instant feedback. The end result was that I felt better, & alcohol got involved! Now, I am mentally preparing myself for tonight’s meeting. I have made a decision though, to get toxic people out of my life. That decision has brought me peace!

    • sherrylcook
      November 12, 2012

      ahhh yes…alcohol does help ease the rant some (or make it worse) however sometimes it is good just to get it off of your chest. I love my friends that understand when I just need to spill it all and then let it go afterwards! I made the decision to rid my life of some toxic people and I must say it was hard. I still think about them and wish them well but my life has been better for it….have a great day Mickey!

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