New Visions

"Seeing" things a little differently

My yearly evaluation, short and sweet

1    Clean out the shed – win… but its cluttered again now.
2    Get in better shape – win… Maintaining is the hard part.
3    Enjoy living in the moment more – win
4    Make more money – loss, I actually make less now!
5    Spend more time with the grand kids – tie,  getting there.
6    Eat healthier –   win, thank you Jack!
7    Go to the gym more – big loss,  haven’t been in 6 months & still paying For it. (My new list will include terminating my enrollment!)
8.   Get Shanna married – win
9.   Worry less, play more – win
10  Retire – loss
11. Finish my book – win, sending to editor/ friend in a few days!! (three years in the making)
12. Take a real vacation – loss
13. Prove the Mayans wrong – win
14. Survive the barbarian challenge – win
15. Get my “New Visions” website/business started – win

.   And


Totals –      10 wins.       4 losses.      1 tie


Not a bad year all in all… Now if we can just win the National championship it will have been a great year!  ROLL TIDE and Happy New Year!!


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