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Go out on a limb

Putting it out there…


When you were a child, did you ever climb a tree and scoot out on a limb so far that you didn’t think you could get down?

Have you ever volunteered for something and you didn’t think you could follow through?

Putting yourself out there is a risk, especially if it is stretching your skills or knowledge to the very edge.   It’s an act of balance, meaning it can go either way in the end result.


We cannot see into the future.


You have to take chances, if you don’t how would we ever get ahead?   You would become stale and boring, never having any courage or pride.  You must take a chance in order to gain strength and self-confidence.

Taking chances in every area of our lives means stretching our inner strength and crawling out of our comfortable little boxes that we have gotten so accustomed too.


Areas of our lives that we can grow.


1.   Vocational –  Most of us are working or looking for a job to supply our livelihood.  This is a great place to begin practicing… climbing out on a limb.   Try something new, take a new class or volunteer for something that you’ve never done before.

2.   PersonalFriends, family and personal relationships are a great place to step outside of your comfort zone and work on a relationship that needs repair in certain areas.

3.   Spiritual –  Not everyone believes that this is an area of concern but I’m not talking about attending Church on Sundays.  Spirituality can mean many things.  Being comfortable with who you are, digging deeper into your inner being and feeling a peacefulness inside is one of the most important areas of everyone’s life.   Mind, body and spirit.

4.   Health –  Take control of your body and your health.  Find ways to accomplish your goals.  Think about doing something different to break up your dull routine.  Eat differently to enhance your healthy eating habits.


The only way we learn…


If we step out on that limb…and scoot out as far as we can, we take a look around and see the ground far below. It looks scary and we are afraid that we may fall and get hurt.   Yes, there is always that chance, but if we never try,  then we will never know.  If we do fall, make a mistake or even fail miserably then we learn from the experience, we practice a little more and then try another limb…


So how will you stretch your so-called limits?


Think hard about what area of your life needs to crawl out on that limb and take that chance.  It will either be successful or you will learn and grow.   It’s a win, win situation!


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