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Reaching your full potential

Most of us have more potential than we will ever develop.

There are things that hold us back from reaching our ultimate potential such as:

Feelings of inadequacy
Fear of failure
Fear of success
Poor decision-making skills
Negative attitude
Allowing others to define who we are.

Do you ever wonder where you would be now if…?

* You were more self-confident and believed in yourself more.

* You didn’t let negative thoughts get in the way.

* You didn’t let others people’s opinions drive your life.


I know we all have things that we think are working against us to reach our highest potential.  The honest truth is WE are our own worst enemy.  In our own minds we find reasons why we can’t achieve goals to our fullest capacity.  We make up excuses so we can put the blame on something else.  Our own insecurities are like the enemy fighting against us.

Example of insecurities:

Appearance –  Most of us can find something wrong with the way we look.  I’m too fat, I have a long nose, I’m too short, my teeth are not straight and the list goes on and on.  Maybe it’s something we can’t help such as a birth defect or abnormality.

Social stigma –  We might feel as though we don’t fit into the group of people we work or socialize with.  Our environment may cause us to feel as though we are not able to achieve. Our background may have been undesirable and we find it difficult to start over. Our childhood may have been tumultuous and we are forever fighting feelings of low self-esteem or guilt.

Physical challenges –  speech impediments, low vision, hearing loss, unsteady gait or health issues may prevent us from feeling our best.

There are so many things we can put in our minds that will prevent us from attempting that action which could possibly be the one thing that catapults us into the ultimate achievement.

Try to imagine

The one thing that constantly puts barriers in front of you from achieving something.  What if that one main thing suddenly disappeared or was no longer an issue with you?  You are suddenly free of your biggest insecurity, you no longer have to worry about it.  Could you then have more confidence to go after your biggest dreams, try for that job promotion, speak to others with authority or be the driver of your own life?   Of course you could!

In my own experience

I will never forget the feeling I had driving home after getting my artificial eye. For the first time in my entire life I looked normal.  Growing up with a physical deformity was excruciating and the effects of it took away my self-confidence and the belief that I can do anything.  Now here I was …the very thing that gave me so much grief was instantly gone…forever!
During the first six months of getting acquainted with my “new look” I gained so much self-confidence that I looked for situations to assert myself.  I created goals, took steps to pursue them and listened to my own gut instincts like never before.   Where would I be now if I had this kind of self-confidence all along?

Now when I talk about my experiences to my friends concerning my past and the low self-esteem I had, they tell me they didn’t think it was such a big deal about my disfigurement.  Most of them say that when they first met me they noticed it, wondered what was wrong and then just accepted me.  To me…it was a much bigger deal.  The problem existed…not with my friends but the general public, strangers and distant acquaintances.

We ARE our own worst enemy.  don’t give others the right to drive your life.  ( related article here –   )  It doesn’t matter what others think.  Live your life and…

Reach your full potential!

QuestionDo you feel as though you have done a good job at reaching your full potential?  Is there something more you can do now to begin the process of reaching your full potential?


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