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I’m a Nana and proud of it!

I woke up this morning with a sense of excitement, it is 5:30 am and I am hurriedly getting ready to visit my granddaughter’s school for grandparents picture day.  My granddaughter;  AnnaClaire, is seven years old and in the first grade at J.E. Turner elementary school in Wilmer, Alabama.  It’s about a 20 minute drive from my home to her school which is nestled in an old pecan orchard surrounded by cow pastures.  I’ve never been there before and I couldn’t wait to spend some time with her at school.


My daughter asked if I could stop by her house on the way and pick up some supplies she had for AnnaClaire’s first grade teacher.  It just so happens to be Valentines day so I am also loaded down with a few dozen cupcakes as well.  “Sure” I told my daughter…”no problem”, as I load the car with all the goodies. I was giddy with happiness that I was getting to spend time with AnnaClaire rather than going to work.  I finally pulled into the school parking lot after waiting an additional twenty minutes for the road crew to open a lane for me to pass through.



It dawned on me that my hands are filled to the maximum as I fumble around trying to grab my keys to lock the car. my left shoulder has my purse hanging while my left hand is groping to hold onto the overfilled bag full of school supplies.  My right hand/arm is attempting to balance a pan of freshly made cupcakes for all the kiddos and from where I parked it looks like a nice little hike to the front door. I carefully make my way across to the front of the school where a nice gentleman (probably another grandparent) opens the door for me.  I step inside thinking that I would just let the front office person tell me where my granddaughters room is so I can hand over all the goodies and see AnnaClaire.


Boy am I in for a surprise!  I walk through the door to find a long line of Grandparents waiting to sign in!  So I hurriedly grab the next place in line and tighten my grip on everything I am holding.  As I look around the lobby I see a lot of old people…everyone is at least 50 up to 90 it seems. I’m thinking  to myself…do I look this old?  I don’t need a cane yet and I’m not bent over with gray hair.  Now please don’t  misunderstand me…I love old people, but other than one or two others, most of these people seem really old.  As I waited for the line to move forward I also notice that I am the only one in the crowded lobby with my hands full to the brim.  I patiently make small talk with other grandparents in line moving forward ever so slowly.


(photo credit,


While waiting, I overhear disgruntled grandparents complaining about the obvious confusion and long lines.  One keeps rambling about how far she had to drive just to get here and another states that she would not have bothered to come if she knew it would be so unorganized.  After standing in line for nearly 15 minutes I finally sign in and hand over the load I am carrying to an office assistant.  I insist that the goods be delivered to the correct first grade teacher!   We are then shuffled into the library like a herd of over-aged cattle and I quickly found myself a corner to “get out-of-the-way” and wait for AnnaClaire to join me.  As I look around I notice how charming the little library is and how precious our children are.  My thoughts float to the terrible school shooting that just occurred only a few months ago at Sandy Hook  elementary school in Connecticut.


The photographer was just setting up and the teachers are trying their hardest to get things organized better.  I am patient…this is better than going to work, I think to myself silently.  Before I realize what is happening, I notice that the grandparents have formed a new line!  By the time I get over to it I am almost last…again!   So, I wait and wait and wait some more…one by one each grandparents eyes  light up when they see their precious grandchildren coming in the room.  Each little boy or girl looking for their Nana, memaw, grandma or pawpaw.  Hugs and kisses are all around.



When I finally see AnnaClaire with her cute little pink and black outfit that matches mine…(We coordinated this earlier) nothing else matters anymore.  I am with my grand baby at her school and I can tell how excited she is for me to be there.  What a different feeling this is…to be sharing a day at school with my granddaughter rather than my own daughter!   I guess I am considered a cool nana because I don’t fit into a preconceived idea of what grandmothers are.  I have on my skinny jeans with black boots and matching top, hair and makeup done for work.  I think and hope that little AnnaClaire is proud of me.  After we have our pictures taken and share a few laughs together, I walk her back to the  classroom.  I meet her first grade teacher whom I am very impressed with and say hello to all AnnaClaire’s little friends.


All too soon It is time for me to leave…I secretly wish I could have stayed with her the rest of the day.   She is one of the most important parts of my life and leaving her for a job that means nothing to me feels ridiculous. How do we get so wrapped up in building our world around work that it doesn’t even involve the biggest part of us?  Is it just me or is this a grandparents way of thinking?   (I’m still kind of new at all this.)


If only the grumbling grandparents who do not work and have nothing else to do, could appreciate the fact that they get to visit, have lunch with or keep their grandchildren anytime they want.  I, on the other hand have to rush 28 miles back to work and finish the day dealing with miserable co workers.   It’s all good though…I got to spend the morning with one of my favorite valentines in the whole world.   I love you Anna-banana!


AC and Nana

This is really us!

For all of you grandmothers out there…Isn’t it just fabulous?



2 comments on “I’m a Nana and proud of it!

  1. ldaffin
    March 3, 2013

    yes, it is definitely fabulous to wear the title of nana, granny, gigi or whatever else they come up with 🙂 I’m super excited that mine is coming to visit on Wednesday – We live in FL and they live in LA so the miles are an issue 😦

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