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Are you ready for some Sugarcane Jane?

I don’t usually do music reviews but I am making an exception today. I would like to introduce to you a wonderful husband and wife duo that my significant other and I discovered during one of our nights out nearly 18 months ago.  we both enjoy their music so much and we make a point to go see them perform as often as we can. 

Sugarcane Jane

Anthony and Savana Lee Crawford live in Loxley, Alabama along the gulf coast.  With Anthony’s  background of playing sideman with the likes of Neil Young, Steve Winwood, Dwight Yoakam and many others.  Savana brings her own talent with a sweet harmonic voice that blends beautifully with Anthony’s.  They are both talented in their own right but when they play together, musical magic seems to happen.  Their music has been noted as “Organic music at its finest.”

The couple met in Nashville while Savana and Anthony worked on the  collaborative CD “Redbird.”  They teamed up musically and romantically which resulted in the “Sugarcane Jane” name.  You can find them on Facebook under the same name and read more about their musical history.  Their fans will travel for miles to get a chance to enjoy their original mix of rock, country and a sound that only these two can create.

Listening to them play you would never guess that there are only two of them.  It sounds like an entire band. Savana will play rhythm guitar and switch to a snare drum or tambourine as needed while Anthony, a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and a prolific songwriter who has more than 400 songs to his credit playing with big name artists.

Together they are raising a family and enjoying a success along the Gulf Coast while performing three to four venues per week.  They continue to gain a following wherever they go.

What impresses me the most is their ability to connect with their audiences and the ability to play such an array of songs. Each show is different and as entertaining as the last.  They do not separate themselves from their fans and usually spend their breaks hanging out and talking with people in the audience.  They are just down home friendly people!

I hope you check out more of their music on utube and find them on Facebook   You can order their CD’s  by contacting them there.

Take a listen…I think you will enjoy!


3 comments on “Are you ready for some Sugarcane Jane?

  1. terry1954
    March 11, 2013

    this was a great post!!

  2. Eva Ferrebee
    March 11, 2013

    Love it! Passing it on to a friend who is a DJ on Mushroom FM radio. Hugs

    • sherrylcook
      March 11, 2013

      This clip is just a fraction of what they can do. They play all types of music and are always entertaining. Kudos to Sugarcane Jane!

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