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Burning the candle

The world is spinning on its axis continuously, The sun rises every morning and sets in the evenings to announce another day is gone.  People moving like a colony of ants busily getting their days work completed. We are all running around frantically getting the kids to school, going to work, errands, eating and getting ready for the next 24 hours.



In the midst of all this chaos, without us even realizing it, our children are growing, people are dying, babies are being born, new laws are being implemented and time is fading away.


When you turn around and look at it all…what do you see?  Are you burning the candle from both ends?  Running so fast from one task to the next, hoping to slow down…one day?   Or, are you just burning the candle?   From one end, so to speak.. lighting a candle for the memories, meditation, peace, healing and quality time with your loved ones?



Lets try to keep the correct perspective as we go throughout our days.  Make it all count for something.  Don’t turn around one day and wish you would have done this or tried that.  Don’t regret REALLY spending time with your loved ones.  Each minute, hour, day, week and year is a gift.  Take it, and use it.


2 comments on “Burning the candle

  1. sherrylcook
    March 21, 2013

    Yes, dianne…so very true. : )

  2. diannegray
    March 20, 2013

    This is a beautiful post, Sherry. So very true 😉

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