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5 reasons to love Monday’s!

We have all heard it before…

It’s a blue Monday rainy days and Mondays always get me down, I hate Monday’s, beginning of the work week, etc, etc.


The majority of the population dreads Monday mornings like the plague but I happen to like them, particularly if it turned out to be a hard weekend.

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Here are some reasons to change your perception of Mondays for now on. You never have to dread a Monday again!

1. Coffee…need I say more? There is nothing like a good cup of coffee at the beginning of a new week. Granted, many of you do not drink coffee so it may be tea, soda, juice, newspaper, cigarette, morning run or whatever your routine involves that makes you feel great. I just seem to appreciate it more on a Monday morning!

2. Morning commute to work..- Some of us do not have to travel to a job every morning but for those that do, it is a great time to do some serious thinking. During my morning trip to the job I can reflect upon my life, solve the worlds problems or rock it out to my favorite music. It does the soul good to have those few minutes to gather your thoughts for the week.

3. Getting things in order – Lets face it, weekends are usually great and we never want them to end but sometimes they are horrible. When they are bad, it’s a good thing to get back to a normal routine where we know what to expect. Being able to plan for the week ahead and then completing your goals can be very therapeutic. So get busy! plan and accomplish your goals!

4. A fresh start – Monday’s is a great day to begin a new project, hobby, diet or plan. It’s a great time to start over if we procrastinated last week. Monday gives us another chance. Yay for second chances!

5. Have fun planning your next weekend! – We always look forward to our off days, so whether it is the weekend or a day in the middle of the week. It’s always fun to dream about the wonderful weekend or off day coming up.

So you see? Mondays are not so bad after-all!

How was your Monday?


One comment on “5 reasons to love Monday’s!

  1. diannegray
    May 20, 2013

    Now I don’t ‘go to work’ anymore – I LOVE Mondays! 😀

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